Monday, February 18, 2019

Video - Residents urged to turn up and vote in the re-scheduled elections

Towns and cities across Nigeria are slowly coming back to life as Nigerians prepare for the working week ahead of the re-scheduled polls. But there are concerns that there will be a low voter turnout. Political parties are, however, urging their supporters to turn up in large numbers and vote on February the 23rd.

Video - INEC appeals to voters to trust its ability to conduct polls in Nigeria

Nigeria's Independent National Electoral Commission is appealing to voters to trust in its ability to conduct a free, fair and credible election. After an extensive meeting with stake-holders in the nation's capital Abuja, the commission clarified its decision to postpone the general elections by one week.

Video - Religious unrest key concern in run-up to Nigeria election

Religious violence between Christians and Muslims is also a concern ahead of Saturday's vote in Nigeria. Officials in the northwest have discovered the bodies of 66 people killed by what they are calling "criminal elements". The remains of 22 children were among those found in eight villages in the Kajuru area of Kaduna state. Security forces say they have already made some arrests.

Video - Nigeria elections delayed by transport problems

Fires, possible sabotage and logistical challenges are being blamed for Nigeria's election being pushed back. A last-minute decision to postpone the ballot by one week caught everyone, from voters to candidates, off guard. The Electoral Commission says many states simply were not ready to hold the election, and more time was needed to ensure the elections were free, fair and credible.

Video - Disappointment and anger over elections delay in Nigeria

The postponement of elections in Nigeria has been a major inconvenience for millions of voters, especially those who have taken long and expensive journeys to cast their ballots. On Saturday, the election commission decided to delay polls for a week, saying it needs more time to ensure a free and fair vote. But there are concerns that the decision could lead to a low turnout.