Friday, October 20, 2017

Video - Former president of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan hails Chinese model of development an inspiration to Africa

Former Nigerian president Jonathan Goodluck has hailed the Chinese model of development to be copied by African countries. Speaking to CGTN, Goodluck said China's model for development especially for small and medium companies is key to the development of nations.

Chief of Football in Nigeria Amaju Pinnick confident country can win 2018 World Cup

Nigeria's Football Association chief Amaju Pinnick was confident that the West African country will win the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia in the light of the preparations the football administrators are putting in place.

Pinnick said Thursday the country, which occupies the 41st position in current FIFA ranking, was well positioned after it had surmounted the challenges that plagued the nation's football.

"With the kind of preparations we are putting in place, I think we can win the World Cup," he told reporters in central Nigeria's city of Jos.

He said the Nigerian government was giving the right support to the local soccer governing body to achieve its aim.

Nigeria was the first African country to qualify for the FIFA 2018 World Cup barely two weeks ago.

No African country has won the FIFA World Cup since its inception in 1930.

1000 Nigerians in jail in Thailand

Nigeria Ambassador to Thailand, Nuhu Bamali, says close to 1000 Nigerians are in prison in the Asian country of Thailand.

Bamali disclosed the shocking revelation on Thursday at the Africa Gems and Jewelry Exhibition and Seminar, in Abuja.

The Ambassador, who did not give details of their offences, also advised Nigerians travelling outside the country to always follow the proper channels.

“One area that was left out by the Honourable Minister was the consular issues. I am very delighted that all the key stakeholders are here in this forum.

“It’s a very serious issue for Nigeria because in Thailand alone, we have close to 1000 people in jail, which is very embarrassing to our country.

“So, I am craving the indulgence of the organisers of this event to counsel genuine investors, so that at least whenever they are traveling outside Nigeria they should go through the proper channel,” the Envoy said.

Bamali, however, assured facilitation of partnership between genuine Nigerian investors and Thais, whom he described as advanced in gems and jewelleries.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Video - Nigeria confirms at least three cases of Monkey pox

Nigeria has confirmed at least three cases of the viral infection monkey pox, with at least 30 more suspected cases across eight states
while more samples are sent to the World Health Organization WHO laboratory in Dakar Senegal for tests.

Health officials from the Center for Disease control says efforts are being made to trace persons who may have come in contact with the infected population.

Four British missionaries kidnapped in Nigeria

Four Britons have been kidnapped in the southern Delta state in Nigeria, according to the police.

The authorities are attempting to rescue the four people, who were taken by unidentified gunmen on 13 October, said Andrew Aniamaka, a spokesman for Delta state police.

Kidnapping for ransom is common in parts of Nigeria. In the past few years, a number of foreigners have been kidnapped in the Niger Delta region, which holds most of the country’s crude oil – Nigeria’s economic mainstay.

“The abductors have not made any contact but we are doing our investigations to know the motive and have them rescued without jeopardising their lives,” said Aniamaka.

“Information available to us shows they are missionaries giving free medical services,” he said, adding that the British nationals had been working in a very rural area.