Monday, November 30, 2009

Martins might miss Nations Cup due to surgery

Super Eagle and Wolfsburg FC striker Obafemi Martins is to undergo surgery in the next few days for a shin issue. Reports say that Martins will be out for at least a month. This development might jeopardize his chances of taking part in the African Nations Cup and also severely weaken Nigeria's offense.

Sources close to Martins say he is determined to fight his way back to full fitness in time for the Nations Cup.


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Nigerians account for 90 percent of crime by Africans in China

Nigeria's Ambassador to China Alhaji Aminu Wali announced that Nigerians accounted for about 90 percent of crimes committed by Africans in China.

"Comparatively of all the crimes committed by Africans in China, Nigerians occupy about 90 percent. Currently, we have over 100 Nigerians in various jails across China, excluding those already sentenced to life imprisonment," he said.

However, the ambassador refuted reports that the 23 Nigerian corpses, awaiting cremation in China, were of those who died in prison. Ambassador Wali said some of the corpses had been in a morgue for more than three years and had not been claimed by relatives.

Ambassador Wali also mentioned that most of the Nigerian illegal immigrants came to China as nationals of other African countries, "so when such people die, it becomes difficult to repatriate their bodies home because they do no not have Nigerian passports".

About the challenges faces the Nigerian community in China, the ambassador said that "they were being harassed constantly as offenders of the law and robberies in the Guangdong Province where there is a large concentration of Nigerians".

Dail Trust

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Return to Nigeria's Witch Children

"A year ago, Dispatches told the story of how children in Nigeria's Niger Delta were being denounced by Christian pastors as witches and wizards, and then killed, tortured or abandoned by their own families. Following the introduction of the Child Rights legislation and an increase in financial support for a British charity providing a refuge for affected youngsters, the programme returns to find out what happened to some of the people featured in the first film," Dispatches.

Support 'Stepping Stones Nigeria'

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Police officer murders 2 children in hospital

A police officer allegedly suffocated two children at Oni Memorial Children Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria, after he was told that doctors could not save the life of his three-year old daughter. He allegedly removed the drips being used to treat five other children in the hospital and sprayed them with tear gas canisters.

He proceeded to attack the doctors and nurses in the hospital and threatened he would have shot them all if he had his gun on him. The police officer is said to have lost another child in similar circumstances in another hospital.

The daughter of the police officer, Destiny Raymond, had severe malaria, a chest infection, and respiratory disorder.


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China to cremate 21 Nigerians if bodies are not claimed by December 15

The Government of the Republic of China has extended its deadline to the 15th of December,2009 for the cremation of about 21 Nigerians who died in China. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja released this press statement:

"The Government of China, after another diplomatic representation by the Nigerian Embassy in Beijing, has graciously extended the deadline when the remains of all foreigners still lying in the various mortuaries in that country must be claimed or will be cremated according to Chinese laws. The new date is now 15th December, 2009."

"Information received from our Mission in China indicates that the Nigerians died in that country from various causes ranging from sickness/illness, motor vehicle accidents, drowning, drugs and unknown causes, whose remains are yet to be claimed by their relations or families."

Unfortunately, efforts by the Ministry and our Mission in Beijing, China to contact the families and next - of - kin of the deceased have not been successful due to paucity of information on the deceased at the time of death. In cases where such information were found (such as telephone numbers on some of the deceased,), when they were contacted, there were no responses; and in other cases, the family members who responded were not cooperative, regarding decision on what to do with the corpses of their relations."

Some of the deceased include are Akinola Akinsanya, who died in Guangzhou of unknown causes; Chris Nwanekezie who died in Dongguan from a car accident; Tunde Bombata who slumped and died in Beijing; Susanah Imbasi who died of AIDS in Beijing and Tunmise Razak who drowned in Nanjing.

The press statement continue: "The general public and in particular members and family of the deceased are kindly requested to urgently contact the Ministry (Consular and Immigration Services Division) to indicate how they wish to arrange to repatriate the remains of their loved ones for burial in Nigeria or in the alternative, grant appropriate approval for cremation by the Chinese Authorities."

"Chinese authorities have stressed that failure to comply with the new deadline of 15th December 2009, they would, inline with its domestic laws, cremate these bodies, some of which been in the mortuaries since 2006. It also should be noted that it is truly a gesture of goodwill, respect for Nigeria's culture and the dead, coupled with the excellent bilateral relations between the two countries that the Government of the Peoples Republic of China has not over the years taken the unilateral decision to cremate the bodies."

This Day

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New York Film Academy holds training for Nigerian filmmakers

The New York Film Academy will be holding a two-month intensive training course scheduled to hold in Lagos and Abuja between January and February of 2010. The organisers of the event, Del-York International, said the training is a sure path at arriving at the prevalence of highly skilled filmmakers in the country.

Managing Director of Del-York International, Mr. Linus Idahosa, said the New York Film Academy is the best and most prestigious film making academy in the world.

According to Mr. Idahosa, the New York Film Academy is licensed by the Education Department of New York State and accredited by the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design (NASAD).

"This Academy stands out as the most preferred training ground by top Hollywood actors, actresses and directors such as Steven Spielberg; Susan Sarandon; and Kevin Kline. NASAD is the only accrediting body for visual art programmes recognised by the US Department of Education."

He also said the relevance of the media to the growth of a vibrant film industry is as close as the connection between indigenous human capital development and national economic advancement.

"The film industry is a cornerstone of the prosperity and growth of the world's leading economies. In the UK, the industry generates about £1.6 billion to the British Exchequer and employs 67,000 directly and a similar number indirectly. In the US, it generates a surplus of $9.5 billion from the global sale of American movies, aside from it employing over 1.3 million people."


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President Yar'adua hospitalized in Saudi Arabia

It's been reported by Sahara Reporters that Nigerian president Umaru Yar'Adua was admitted on Tuesday to a hospital in the western seaport city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The president's office said in a statement that president Yar'Adua will call on his personal physicians while in Jeddah for "follow-up medical checks." President Yar'Adua has long been known to suffer from a kidney ailment.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Mikel Obi says qualifying for World Cup is a dream come true

Chelsea and Super Eagle midfielder, Mikel Obi, who was a fan favourite in the World Cup qualifying match against Kenya that Nigeria won last weekend spoke on Brila FM radio in Lagos and assured Nigerians of a better outing in South Africa next year.

"First, it is a dream come true. I mean it is a good thing that we will be at the World Cup after missing out in the previous edition. I can not imagine Nigeria not being in the World Cup.

"Honestly speaking, it would have been another disaster for this country, but thank God we qualified and will be among other teams representing their countries. But I want to assure soccer fans that come 2010 World Cup in South Africa, they will not be disappointed.


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zimbabwe farmers relocate to Nigeria

Due to President Mugabe's controversial land reform. White Zimbabwe farmers are relocating to Nigeria where commercial farming opportunities are opening up.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sani Abacha's son convicted in Geneva, Swiss authorities’ confiscate $350m

Abba Abacha, was found guilty by Swiss authorities of being a member of a criminal organisation. The son of the late military dictator General Sani Abacha, will have $350 million seized from him by Swiss authorities from orders by the investigating judge, Yves Aeschlimann.

"The first order of the sentence issued yesterday by the examining magistrate found that Abba Abacha, born November 9, 1968, son of the late General Sani Abacha, was guilty of participation in a criminal organisation," Geneva Canton's justice office said in a statement.

The Swiss authorities also convicted a financial intermediary who lives in Monaco for having been part of the "criminal organisation".

"The person has also been ordered to pay the Canton of Geneva 10 million Swiss Francs, which corresponds to illegal gains obtained from these culpable activities," added the statement.

This Day

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Friday, November 20, 2009

32 year old man kills 2 year old son over witchcraft

32 year old Mr. John Effiong poisoned his two year old son after a prophet known as Prophet Ini Monday, from the Caretaker Light of God Church of Benin City in Edo State told him that his son was a wizard planning to harm his pregnant wife.

According to Vanguard, the 2 year old boy identified as Comfort Effiong, was allegedly fed a plate of poisoned rice by his parents. Police arrested Mr. Effiong and two others at a check point along Benin-Abraka road and discovered the body of the two year old in a Ghana-must-go bag. Others arrested for complicity in murder are Pastor Aniekan Achio-bong and a Mr. John Okoh.

The Edo state Police declared Prophet Ini Monday wanted. Spokesman of Edo State Police, ASP Peter Ogboi said the police has spread its dragnet to arrest the prophet.

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36 year old man rapes 3 year old girl to cure himself of HIV

Thursday, November 19, 2009

100 year old man to sue police for unlawful detention

100 year old Ishola Shodiya and four others were granted permission by the FCT High court in Abuja to sue the police for unlawfully detaining them since August 2009 without any charges. Justice M.M. Dodo ordered the Inspector General of Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Yuguda to bring the five detainees to court on December 8, 2009.

The detainees want the court to declare that their arrest and detention since August 2009 till date without any charges against them is a gross violation of their rights to personal liberty according to Section 35 in the 1999 Constitution and Article 6 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights. The five detainees are also seeking a payment of N50 million ($332,700) in damages.

According to City News, the detainees are farmers from Ogun State, who petitioned against a Mr. Enitan, alleging that he was causing havoc and murder. The lawyer of the detainees, Barrister P.A.N Ejiofor said Mr. Enitan also wrote a petition to the police and mobilized them to arrest and detain the father, family and community members that petitioned against him.

"Instead of the police team known as X squad to investigate the allegation, they rather undertook to arrest the father and relations of the murdered victims while the suspected murderers walk the streets free," Barrister Ejiofor said.

Daily Trust

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DAG Group plans to invest $30 billion in the Niger-Delta of Nigeria

Foreign firm, Dag Group Germany/United Kingdom announced it's made plans to invest $30 billion in human and infrastructural development of the Niger Delta, due to the apparent success of the amnesty deal between militant groups and the Nigerian government.

Mr. Jason Nworah who represents the firm revealed this at a press briefing for the forthcoming two-day Niger Delta Youths Post-Amnesty Interactive forum organised by the International Centre for Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development (CENPAD). He also mentioned that the firm plans to get the $30 billion from the $600 billion the World Bank has allocated for the development of Africa.

The Forum Co-ordinator for the International Centre for Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development (CENPAD), Mr. Onuoha Oliver made the following statements:

"This peaceful atmosphere needs to be sustained and consolidated through constant dialogue and interaction between all stakeholders and youth elements in the region.

"Government's alienation and neglect of the youths in policy making and implementation is the genesis of militancy in the Niger Delta.

"Thus, this forum will gather all the renounced militants in the Niger Delta and other youth elements to hear them out, know exactly what they want and how all stakeholders with cooperation of these youths will work together for a new Niger Delta.


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Nigeria ranked 130th in 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index survey

Transparency International released its 2009 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) in which 180 countries were surveyed. Nigeria is ranked 130th in the survey. Last year Nigeria scored 2.7 points and was ranked 121st, this year the country's CPI score dropped to 2.5 bringing Nigeria to the same position as Libya, Lebanon and Mauritania. The first three countries on this year's CPI index are New Zealand, Denmark and Singapore.

The Secretary General of Transparency in Nigeria, Mr Osita Nnamani Ogbu made this statements in response to the CPI Index.

"Firstly, there is absence of electoral accountability in Nigeria. Nobody has been punished for his or her role in the fundamentally flawed 2007 elections. The leadership of the Independent National Electoral Commission which conducted the flawed elections still remains in power. INEC has since then continued to conduct other flawed bye-elections,"

"The trials of the former Governors who were alleged to have siphoned billions of public funds have been reduced to a playboy affair. A special 'rule of law' has been contrived in their favour which may result in their escaping justice," he said.

Daily Trust

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NDLEA agents arrest woman with wraps of heroin stuffed in her hair

31 year old Angela Okiri was arrested by NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) at the departure lounge of Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos on Sunday, with 92 wraps of heroin, 14 of which were stuffed in her hair.

She was headed to Italy via an Alitalia flight when she tested positive during passenger screening. According to the Agency's head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Afoyeju, the 92 wraps of heroin found in her possession weighted 930 grammes, besides the 14 wraps found in her braided hair, she also ingested 52 wraps and hid the remaining in a sanitary pad in her hand bag.

Angela Okiri said she lived in Bergano, Italy for 11 years as a labourer, but later confessed that she was unemployed when she was introduced to illegal drug trafficking by some of her friends and decided to do it due to financial pressures. She said she was to be paid 4,000 Euros for the job.


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nwankwo Kanu to retire from international football after World Cup

International football star Nwankwo Kanu, who has had an illustrious career with the Super Eagles and  such clubs as Ajax, Inter-Milan, Arsenal to name a few, has announced he'll be retiring from international duties after the World Cup in South Africa. He made the following statements after the cliff hanger World Cup qualification match against Kenya.

"Kenya have a very good team, they played well but we are happy to win. Despite the pressure, we knew we could do it. It was just was a matter of time. Now we have a chance to go to World Cup and do well. Our chances are good."

"I will quit after this World Cup. I cannot play when I am 50. I have reached the heights and my aim is to go to World Cup. I thank God that finally after all the fight, all the struggle, all the hard work, we are there."


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Sunday, November 15, 2009

70 year old man bites off fingers of 28 year old wife because she refused having sex

70 year old Terhemen Gabu has been sentenced to one year in prison by a court in Benue State, Nigeria for beating his 28 year old wife and biting off her fingers because she refused to have sex with him.

It's been reported by Vanguard that Mr. Gabu repeatedly demanded sex from his wife Nyikeghen Gabu, but she consistently turned him down. So it got to the boiling point were he resulted to brute force in order to have his way with her.

In court the 70 year old defendant alleged that his wife was cheating on him but had no proof to back up his allegations. He then pleaded for the court to have mercy in hope for lenient sentence.

Judge I.N Ajon condemned Mr. Gabu for resorting to violence, noting that the accused failed to show fatherly virtues to his young wife but treated her like a common criminal instead and even a sex slave should not be afflicted with that sort of torture.

Terhemen Gabu was sentenced to a year in prison with an option of N500 ($3.30) fine.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nigeria qualify for the 2010 World Cup

Nigeria defeat Kenya 3-2 to qualify for the 2010 World Cup. A miracle is what we needed and a miracle is what we got. It was a battle of epic proportions with Nigeria winning in dramatic fashion and Mozambique doing us a huge favor by beating Tunisia 1-0.

Kenya started with all guns blazing in the first half with Dennis Oliech scoring in the first half and Allan Wetende scoring in the second. But the heroes of the day are Yakubu Aiyegbeni who scored in the 65th and Obafemi Martins scoring twice in the 62nd and 83rd minute.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Super Eagles arrive in Kenya for World Cup qualifier


The Nigerian Super Eagles arrived Kenya today for their World Cup Qualifying match against Kenya's Harambee Stars this Saturday. The match is expected to be an epic battle between the two teams as it is must-win for both Nigeria and Kenya...Godspeed Super Eagles...Godspeed.

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Former First Lady Maryam Babangida dying of cancer

Nigeria's former First Lady Maryam Babangida is dying of ovarian cancer at UCLA's Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Her conditioned is said to have worsened about six months ago after the former First Lady attended the wedding of the daughter of President Umaru Yar'Adua.

According to Saharareporters, Former President Ibrahim Babangida was granted a US visa on compassionate grounds to be with his wife in Los Angeles, as her cancer has progressed to an advanced stage and she might only have days left.

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Doctor jailed for the death of former first lady Stella Obasanjo

Forensics show that Stella Obasanjo's death was avoidable

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's This is it premiere in Nigeria

Michael Jackson's This is it premiered at Silverbird Cinemas in Lagos, Nigeria to a warm reception. The documentary chronicles the late king of pop rehearsals for his last concert performance hours before his untimely death.

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Marlon Jackson visits Nigeria

Nigeria join forces with Germany to combat drug trafficking

Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is teaming up with the German government to combat illegal drug trafficking in Nigeria through the exchange of intelligence information, training, and supply of drug detecting equipments for airports in Nigeria.

The announcement was made on Tuesday at the office of the anti-narcotics agency in Murtala Muhammed International Airport by the Vice President of the German Federal Criminal Investigation Office, Professor Juergen Stock.

"We are in Nigeria to pay a working visit, which is aimed at exchange of information, intelligence gathering, training programmes and other areas where we could learn how to pull down intimidation drug cartels that dominate the illicit business between Europe, Asia , South America and Africa.

We are doing this because we belive no country could do it all alone. Only global collaboration through networking could address the drug challenge. That is why we continue to forge stronger and closer ties through a multi lateral approach with our partners, for which Nigeria stands out in West Africa.

We are convinced that stronger partnerships, expertise as well as technology will assist law enforcement agencies in tracking criminal activities," he said.

The Director-General of NDLEA, Otunba Lanre Ipinmisho had this to add. "The visit by the German delegation will not only boost our relationship for better understanding but will motivate both countries for greater results in the areas of mutual interests such as crime control and prevention".

Daily Champion

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Football player gets 40 lashes for drinking alcohol in Sudan

20-year old Nigerian football player Stephen Worgu who plays his club football in Sudan was found guilty on Tuesday of drinking alcohol and driving under the influence. He's been sentenced to receive 40 lashes and pay a fine of 50 Sudanese pounds ($20) for drinking alcohol and 200 Sudanese pounds ($80) for driving under the influence.

Stephen Worgu has been finding it difficult to adapt to the Sudanese lifestyle since his move in 2008. Here are some statements he made to the BBC in April:

"I am finding it hard to adapt (in Sudan). It?s a different culture, different religion, different language, everything,"

"They have this Sharia law, and it's really affecting me also, because you don't feel free to do the things you need to do."


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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anderson Cooper reports on Uwem Akpan

Anderson Cooper reports on Nigerian bestselling author Uwem Akpan.

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Nigerian Legend Wole Soyinka on Democracy

Police gun down 70-year old man who refused to pay bribe

A 70-year old man on his way home after attending his son's wedding was shot dead by a police officer at a checkpoint in Osun State because he refused to pay police bribe. The amount the police officer demanded was N20 ($13 cents). Another passenger in the car was seriously injured.

It's been reported that one of the policemen at the checkpoint was drunk and fired a shot into the car as the 70-year old man was talking with another police officer. The policemen then shot sporadically into the air to scare away pedestrians and motorists as they fled the scene.

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Bestselling author Uwem Akpan on CNN

CNN's Christian Purefoy talks with bestselling author Uwem Akpan who's collection of short stories titled "Say You're One Of Them" got mass exposure after Oprah Winfrey selected his book for her book club.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nigeria sign deal with China to stop import of fake products

Ambassador Idris Waziri revealed that Nigeria and China have signed a deal to stop the influx of fake products from China to Nigeria. Ambassador Waziri made these statements:

“Apart from the fact that the government wants to stop inflow of substandard products, the Chinese are the best investors for the country at present considering where they are coming from.

Even with their technology, we cannot totally call them developed nation, whatever Nigeria is passing through today, they passed through too, so our ordeal is not strange to them. We are expecting not less than 60 Chinese companies for the Investment forum, they are expected to show interest in specific sectors they want to invest in.

“In achieving the vision 20-20 20, we are shifting from buying and selling to full industrialisation, the country needs capital, strong investment, they should bring their money, expertise and skill.

The government has already created the enabling environment for business to strive in all sectors, like the energy sector, Solid minerals, agriculture, communication, oil and gas, sectors etc”.

The deal will be announced officially at the Nigeria-China Investment Forum in Abuja later this month.


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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Documentary on rebranding Nigeria

Rebranding Nigeria is a BBC documentary that sheds like on the determined efforts being made by the Nigerian government to create a new positive image of Nigeria.

Reporter Henry Bonsu speaks with the Governor of Lagos, Babatunde Fashola and Information Minister Dora Akunyili about the campaign to rebrand Nigeria. We also get to hear from Nigerians that are furious at the negative portrayal of Nigeria as a breeding ground of corruption caused by such things as the 419 scam coined the "Nigerian letter" which has become a lasting internet meme and also other Nigerians that are angry at the level of corruption in the government, poor infrastructure and lack of jobs in the country. Hit play below:

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obi Mikel included in World Cup qualifier against Kenya

Super Eagle and Chelsea FC midfielder John Obi Mikel has ruled himself fit for the World Cup qualifying match against Kenya in Nairobi on November, 14th.

Nigeria must win the match against Kenya to have any chance of qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The players usually receive a $5,000 bonus for winning and $3,000 for a draw but it's been reported that no cash bonuses have been promised to the players for the match since there's no guarantee that the Super Eagles will make it to the World Cup finals.

Obi Mikel who's been out of action for a while due to an ankle injury said he is now fit to resume duties for club and country:

“I will start playing again this weekend,” Mikel said on Monday. “I’m also looking forward to helping Nigeria get a win in Nairobi. 

“It is very important for us to get a win, and we all have to work hard and pray that the result favours us.”

Daily Nation

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Monday, November 2, 2009

NTA turns 50

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), turns 50. The video up top marks the station's five decades of dedicated service and steps it's taking to stay up to speed in the digital future.

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Globacom strikes five-year sponsorship deal with Manchester United

Nigeria's leading telecoms operator, Globacom Limited, signed a five-year sponsorship deal with the world's richest football club, Manchester United. The deal will be made official on November 6th at Manchester United's home ground, Old Trafford.

As part of the deal, aspiring football players in West Africa are to gain international exposure by having access to training facilities at Manchester United. The three west African countries to benefit from this five-year sponsorship contract are Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Ghana.

The Group Executive Director for Globacom, Mr. Paddy Adenuga made this statement:

"At Globacom, we have consistently played a leading role in identifying opportunities and providing platforms for positive transformation of youths through football. This new partnership with the world's most famous football club will no doubt give impetus to the quest by kids in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin Republic to become world stars."

Included in the deal is an all expenses paid package for lucky Manchester United fans from Nigeria, Benin Republic, and Ghana to travel to Old Trafford to watch 14 live matches of the English Premiership, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League.

Mr. Adenuga said "Globacom will continue to explore opportunities to satisfy the people's deep passion for football and we believe that we can enrich such experience by making it possible for fans to meet their club heroes and watch them play."

This Day

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MEND threaten ceasefire

The main militant group in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), is threatening to end its ceasefire with the Nigerian government.

Al Jazeera's Yvonne Ndege spoke with MEND's leader, Henry Okah, who said in the video that the government has not kept its part of the deal and that "there will be a resumption of violence very soon".

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Winners of the 2009 Nigeria Music Video Awards

The Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVA) concluded yesterday at the Expo Hall Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos. The award show was organized by CallyVision Networks...and the winners are:

Mo hits – Ten Ten

Kefee – Kokoroko

Holy Mallam – Somebody Say

Soul Muzik

M.I - Safe

Darey – Not The Girl

Mex ( Safe – M.I)

M.I – Safe

D’banj – Mo Gbono Feli Feli

Mc Loph – Osondi Owendi

Darey – More

Gbenga Salu

Frank D Nero – Cure My Craze

Bracket – Yori Yori

Freewindz – Tolotolo

Benita – We Ose

Seun Kuti - Many Many Things

Jaywon – Filebe

May7even – Take off my clothes

Mo Gbono Feli Feli – D’banj ( Sesan)



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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Piracy in Nollywood

Al Jazeera's Yvonne Ndege reports from Lagos, Nigeria. She speaks with Nigerian film director Theodore Anyanyi and producer Emmanuel Isikaku about how Nollywood, the world's fastest growing film industry, is being affected by DVD piracy.

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