Monday, November 30, 2009

Nigerians account for 90 percent of crime by Africans in China

Nigeria's Ambassador to China Alhaji Aminu Wali announced that Nigerians accounted for about 90 percent of crimes committed by Africans in China.

"Comparatively of all the crimes committed by Africans in China, Nigerians occupy about 90 percent. Currently, we have over 100 Nigerians in various jails across China, excluding those already sentenced to life imprisonment," he said.

However, the ambassador refuted reports that the 23 Nigerian corpses, awaiting cremation in China, were of those who died in prison. Ambassador Wali said some of the corpses had been in a morgue for more than three years and had not been claimed by relatives.

Ambassador Wali also mentioned that most of the Nigerian illegal immigrants came to China as nationals of other African countries, "so when such people die, it becomes difficult to repatriate their bodies home because they do no not have Nigerian passports".

About the challenges faces the Nigerian community in China, the ambassador said that "they were being harassed constantly as offenders of the law and robberies in the Guangdong Province where there is a large concentration of Nigerians".

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