Saturday, October 31, 2009

Health insurance in Nigeria


The Governor of Kwara State, Dr. Bukola Saraki explains in the video up top that the exchange of expertise and resources between the private insurance company, the Health Insurance Fund and his Government is the key to making the insurance program the best healthcare model for Africa.

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The BBC World Service Trust

The BBC World Service Trust marks ten years in Nigeria. The organisation is an international charity run by leading broadcasters of the world. The video up top reflects on ten years of unique work by the BBC Trust and its collaboration with media organisations in helping people build better capacities.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nigeria's Entertainment Industry

A video produced for The World Bank Project on the Nigerian Entertainment industry that targets the Global Entertainment Industry. The video features Nigerian celebrities and entrepreneurs promoting the industry and showcasing the investment opportunities in Nigeria's entertainment industry.

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SONY to invest in Nigeria 

Bollywood and Nollywood join forces

Interview with the father of Nollywood

Investing in Nigeria promo video

Came across this pretty cool video montage produced for The World Bank Project on the Nigerian Entertainment Industry that highlights the positive and visually intriguing aspects of Nigeria in order to promote Foreign investment.

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Video report on growing middle class in Nigeria

China invests $6 Billion in Nigeria

The president of National Association of Nigerian Traders, Mr. Ken Ukaoha, announced in Abuja yesterday that Foreign Direct Investment from China to Nigeria has doubled from $3 billion in 2003 to $6 billion this year with 75% percent of investments in the oil and gas sector.

Mr. Ukaoha said that trade between China and Nigeria is based mostly on China providing resources for Nigeria's poor infrastructure and Nigeria providing China with oil for their rapidly growing manufacturing sector. Besides South Africa, Nigeria is China's largest trading partner in Africa.

According to Mr. Ukaoha, China's increased interest in Africa is based on China expanding its reach for more resources to support the demands of the country's growing economy and Africa as a whole looking for better terms of trade.

This Day

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New source of oil found in the Niger Delta by Chinese and Nigerian firms

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Foreign Affairs Minister on CNN

CNN's Isha Sesay talks to Nigerian Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe about Nigeria winning a seat at the U.N. security council and accomplishments Nigeria is looking forward to achieve.

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Two awards for Nigeria at UN's ICT confab

Government approve deal with Chinese firm for housing and power generation in Abuja

A memorandum of understanding has been signed by The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) for Chinese firm, Global Group Corporation (CGGC) to commence mass housing, development of infrastructure, and power generation in Abuja.

The managing director of Abuja Investment Company Limited (AICL), Dr. Abdual Muktar made this statement:

"According to the recently approved mass housing guidelines only reputable developers would be engaged while FCT administration is committed to providing infrastructure. Some of the excuses that the developers have been putting for low quality of housing have to do with where they have to provide infrastructure themselves but the FCT Minister has made it clear that infrastructure would be provided for them," he said.

Head of Government Relations with the CGGC, Mohammed Mustapha, said that the company was invited to Nigeria in 2005 by former President Olusegun Obasanjo after being impressed with the hydro power project the company completed in China. Mr. Mustapha added that CGGC has vast experience in city planning, infrastructure development, and real estate. The company is currently working on Libya's largest housing project of 10,000 housing units valued $1 billion.


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Firm plans to use solar power to light up Nigeria

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nigerian police identify Lagos, Ogun, Kaduna as hotspots for ritual killings

In a confidential memo from Nigerian police to registered security practitioners. Lagos, Ogun, and Kaduna have been identified as hotspots where ritual killings take place in Nigeria.

"the Nigeria police wish to advise all to avoid the following places as they have been identified as hot spots for ritual killings".

The memo also named such black spots in Lagos such as Isheri Olowo-Ira under Bridge, Toyota Bus Stop on Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, the Bridge linking Abiola Garden with Otedola Estate and the entire area of Ikorodu.

Other hotspots for ritual killings in Nigeria according to the memo include Waterfront River Niger area of Onitsha in Anambra State; Igwurita, Muruokoro, Port Harcourt in Rivers state, and Ilorin-Oro in Kwara.

This Day

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Mother murders two-day old son

In Benue State, Nigeria. A mother allegedly killed her two-day old baby by injecting poison into the new born.

The mother, Nguemo Tyokia, allegedly carried out the murder in her room while her baby was sleeping and most neighbours where at their farms. But one of the locals who was still near the vicinity could hear persistent yells coming from the baby after being injected with poison. This brought the attention of other neighbours who made their way to the source of the screams.

An eye witness said the young mother, Nguemo Tyokia, had no justifiable reason to kill the new born since the baby was in good health.

The baby's grandmother, Mrs. Mngenda Hamgba, discovered the shocking crime her son's wife had committed and attempted to save the baby's life.

"When we discovered what had happened, we rushed the baby to the hospital in our locality in Tyowanye but unfortunately help came a little too late as the baby died few hours later", she said.

The accused has been sent to prison and her trial begins on the 9th of November.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Plans to introduce the death penalty for Kidnapping underway in Nigeria

Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue State, Nigeria plans to introduce the death penalty or life in prison for criminals found guilty of kidnapping in Benue State.

The governor announced this at the Benue State Police Headquarters where three kidnap suspects involved in the alleged abduction of an eight-year-old girl, Stella Adamgbe, were being held.

Governor Gabriel Suswam said government was planning to send a bill to the state House of Assembly to give effect to the new law.

“the trend for people to abduct others just to grab money is strange to our people and we are forced by this development to emulate other states that have introduced stiffer punishments like death penalty or life imprisonment  for offenders in order to arrest the trend,” 

“Security is everybody’s business and responsibility and that is  why we must all team up with the police and the state government to fight this menace,” he said.

The governor also shared his sentiment on how Miss Priscilla, a 22-year-old undergraduate, could plan the abduction of her own niece: “This is a new dimension to the kidnap saga in the country.”


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The World Cup comes to Nigeria

The FIFA World Cup makes a stop in Nigeria on its tour around African countries. Might be the closest Nigerians ever come to the glorious cup considering how the Super Eagles have performed in the 2010 World Cup qualifications.

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Football Legend Pele predicts Africa has a great chance of making it to the World Cup Final

Jay Jay Okocha admits it will take a miracle for Super Eagles to qualify for the World Cup

Documentary - Nigerian fraudsters targeting football youth

EFCC bust 800 scam sites and 18 Syndicates

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has shut down 800 scam websites and arrested members of 18 syndicates behind cyber crime in Nigeria. This renewed crack down on cyber crime by the EFCC is under a new campaign called operation "Eagle Claw".

The chairman of the anti-graft agency, Mrs. Farida Waziri made the announcement while attending the 35th annual convention of Black Mayors on "global vision for local action: a paradigm of connectivity in the African Diaspora." The convention was held on Wednesday in Las Vegas, United States.

Here are some statements Waziri made at the convention: 

"We expect that Eagle Claw as conceived will be 100% operational within six months and at full capacity, it will take Nigeria out of the top 10 list of countries with the highest incidence of fraudulent e-mails. At the moment, Eagle Claw has delivered the following results:

"Over 800 fraudulent e-mail addresses have been identified and shut down. The EFCC is fine-tuning security modalities with Microsoft and, upon full deployment, the capacity to take down fraudulent e-mails will increase to 5,000 monthly.

"Further, it is projected that advisory mails to be sent to victims and potential victims will be about 230,000 monthly. There have been 18 arrests of high profile syndicates operating cyber crime organisations."

"Project Eagle Claw is an initiative of the EFCC for the smart use of technology in fighting cyber crime. Hitherto, the EFCC structure for combating cyber crime revolved around cyber raids and investigation of petitions.

"However, the proactive stance of the new leadership required a radical departure, and Eagle Claw was developed. When it is fully deployed, it will afford the EFCC the option of either monitoring or shutting down all fraudulent email addresses. The EFCC would also have identified victims and potential victims and advised them that their email has been compromised."


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Nigerian government reacts to Sony's Playstation 3 Ad

U.S. vs China for Nigeria's oil

CNN's Christian Purefoy talks with Nigeria's Minister for state of petroleum resources, Odein Ajumogobia about a proposed new petroleum industry bill to tackle corruption and the potential 50 billion dollar deal China is proposing for Nigeria's oil.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

CNN reports on Nigeria's electricity crisis

CNN gives an in-depth report on the electricity crisis in Nigeria, from the perspective of Nigerian citizens and government officials. The report also sheds light on the social media movement spear headed by Nigerian youth called Light Up Nigeria.

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Electricity generation rises to 2,900 mega watts in Nigeria

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10,000 protest on the streets of Lagos for an end to the electricity crisis in Nigeria

About 10,000 people took to the streets of Lagos yesterday to protest the lack of efficient electricity supply in Nigeria. The peaceful protest was led by Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre (DCC), Reverend Sam Adeyemi who took the protest to the office of Governor Babatunde Fashola in Ikeja, Lagos. A letter was then submitted to President Yar'Adua via the governor.

Reverend Sam Adeyemi made these statements at the State Secretariat yesterday:

"We call on the Federal Government to break the monopoly of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) and allow private investors and state governments to generate and distribute electricity. The strategy that worked for telecommunications should be made to work for power supply," he said.

He also called for a deregulations of the power sector since that has been successful for telecommunication in Nigeria:

"if there is no limit on the number of phone lines a telecommunications company should generate, there should be no limit on the volume of power a company should generate and distribute around the country. "States in the Niger Delta region who have gas flared in their backyards should generate, distribute and sell electricity locally and nationally. This will result in job creation in almost all facets of life in our nation."

This Day

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The Young Turks cover witchcraft in Nigeria

Today the young turks talk about how fraudulent pastors or witchdoctors commit brutal child abuse in some parts of Nigeria by labeling young children as witches and convincing their parents they have the cure in order to extort money from them.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Nigerian firm partners with Sony to combat piracy

The CEO of Yemi's Media Limited, Mr. Yemi Adeniyi announced over the weekend that his company is partnering with Sony to produce anti-piracy software to protect intellectual property.

"Apart from the fact that we are introducing different types of special discs which would make it difficult for people to duplicate or even source for the disc because we are the only one authorized to produce in Africa, it also comes with a hi-tech software configuration which is subject to upgrading to make the security unbreakable," he said.

Mr. Adeniyi also disclosed that that every single protected disc will have a different encryption code applied after authoring.

"New and different code is applied to every title and this high level of protection makes a generic crack impossible. Also this dynamic anti piracy solution packaged by us is exclusively in alliance with Sony technology that effectively deals with copying on personal computers, copying from DVD to DVD, DVD to hard drive and distribution on the internet."

"In line with this initiative development, we have written to the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), Minister of Information and Communication, Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB), and other relevant organizations on the concept developed to effectively sanitize the entertainment industry from the menace of pirates."

Daily Champion

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Person Of The Day - Ohdichi

Odichinma (Oh Dichi) was born in Watts, California in 1984 to two Nigerian parents she began singing at the tender age of 4 years old. Her first music role model was her Father who began recording her with her younger siblings on a tape player.

Once she heard her own voice playback out of the speakers she was amazed, and wanted to continue recording herself. Her father also loved video taping her and her siblings as they danced and sang to a wide variety of music. She went on to start singing at talent shows and small events.

She was blessed to be apart of the Mariners All Girls Show Choir for four years, which toured different states and performed all over the So Cal area. In college she continued to make music in her spare time while studying Acting, Sociology, and Film.She has performed in the following cities/areas: Los Angeles, Riverside, Cerritos, Lynwood, Hawthorne, Hollywood, Anahiem, Torrance, NewYork, Hawaii, San Diego, San Fransisco, Texas, New Jersey, Washington DC, and Nigeria.

Ohdichi has written over 50 songs, and records most of her music in California and NewYork. She likes to be a wellrounded musician so she listens and sings all types of music. Her collaborations include LudeBoi, Quiz, Conflict, Tayo, Jvion, Jazarri, KO, Micheal Okri, and most currently the talented/driven Meaku. She works with the following producers, Sinister Beats, Cras Bangers, Mikey Mic, Doc Savage, Drumma Boi, Twenty 20, Synphony, SixSeven, Meaku and others. 

To have a listen to Ohdichi's single "Actors" hit play below. Like what you hear, visit her page to download more of her tracks: Ohdichi

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Nigeria wins UN Security Council seat

Nigeria has won a non-permanent seat on the United Nations security council as a representative of the Africa region.

Nigeria scored 186 votes to win the election and will serve as a representative of Africa on the security council from 2010 to 2011.

The four other counties elected are Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The newly elected non-permanent members will take their seats on the 15-member council on January 1, replacing Costa Rica, Libya, Uganda, Vietnam and Croatia who will complete their two-year mandate on December 31.


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Thursday, October 15, 2009

CNN reports on street football in Lagos

CNN's Christian Purefoy covers the impressive attempt made by the Nigerian government to keep Lagos youth out of trouble by organizing the mega city street soccer competition.

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Nigerian criminals targeting football youth

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Young Nigerian women making a difference in Africa

With Love From Friends (WLFF) is a none profit organisation established in January 2008 by a group of friends all who became acquainted whilst studying at the acclaimed University of Manchester. After the success of their Grand Ball in 2008 they have returned to host their annual fundraising event on October 17th 2009 6pm, at the prestigious The October Gallery in Holborn, London (UK) ,entitled OUT OF AFRICA. 
Out Of Africa is guaranteed to be an evening equated to exhibiting a series of  excellent short films from across Africa, contemporary art exhibition, African themed music, African themed canapes, raffle prizes and a elegant drink reception. This red carpet event aims to celebrate the various entities within the African Culture whilst uniting people with the desire to see change in Africa together.
After raising £6,000 generated from the first WLLF fundraising event entitled Grand Ball 2008. Surplus amounts of books were purchased for the Iwaya/Makoko Book Fund Project in Lagos Nigeria. 
The Long term goal for WLFF is to assist charities and community schools project in Nigeria and Africa at Large, raising funds to improve infrastructure and provide basic resources such as textbooks, whilst maintaining a personal touch.
Further information about the organisation, including a detailed report regarding the projects WLFF are currently working on can be obtained from

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chimamanda Adichie at 2009 TED Conference


Watch Chimamanda Adichie at 2009 TED in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie talks about how she found her authentic cultural voice and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.


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Nigerian artists clean house at MTV Africa Music Awards


Nigeria artists were among the big winners at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) that took place in Nairobi, Kenya over the weekend. Here's a list of the winners:

Best Male
Nameless (Kenya)

Best New Act
M.I. (Nigeria)

Best R&B
2 Face (Nigeria)

Best Hip Hop
M.I. (Nigeria)

Best Female
Amani (Kenya)

Best Performer
Samini (Ghana)

Best R&B
2Face (Nigeria)

Best Group
P-Square (Nigeria)

Best Alternative
Zebra & Giraffe (South Africa)

Best Video
HHP – Mpitse (South Africa)

Artist of The Year
D’banj (Nigeria)

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Nigeria ranks second in the world in HIV infected countries

According to the Minister of State for Information and Communications, Aliyu Bilbis, Nigeria currently ranks second in countries infected with HIV.

The minister stated this on October 10th at the 2009 World Post Day Celebration and the flag-off of the National Postal Campaign against HIV held in Abuja.

Bilbis said that South Africa is currently at the top of the list and Nigeria is close behind with 2.6 million people infected with the virus.

"Despite concerted efforts made by governments and corporate bodies to curb the menace of HIV/AIDS, its statistics remain staggering and frightening.

"The HIV prevalence in Nigeria is discouraging. Whereas China with a population of 1.3 billion has 700,000 people living with HIV, Nigeria has 2.6 million persons living with HIV out of her population of 140 million people.

"Brazil's 192 million population has 730,000 people living with HIV, while Cameroon with a population of 18.5 million has 540,000 infected with the disease.

"Globally, Nigeria is second only to Republic of South Africa regarding the numbers of persons living with HIV/AIDS," he said.

Daily Independent

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36 year old man rapes 3 year old girl to cure himself of HIV

In a desperate attempt to cure himself of HIV, 36 year-old Cletus Agwu went to seek help from a witch doctor who allegedly advised him that raping a 3 year-old girl will cure him.

The victim was found over the weekend at 8 Yogbo Street in the North Bank area of Makurdi as her crying brought attention to neighbors who found her dripping blood.

The 3 year-old girl told the neighbors what happened to her and said the alleged rapist threatened to kill her if she told anyone what he did to her. An angry mob hunted down the suspected rapist who was then arrested by the police before the mob could have their way with him.

Cletus Agwu confessed to the police that his motive for raping the 3 year-old girl who he said lived in the same compound with him was to cure himself of HIV. He told the police that a witch doctor told him that having sex with a girl not more than thee years old will cure him permanently.

According to Benue State Commissioner of Police Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed, medical tests carried out on the victim at the North Bank General Hospital in Makurdi confirm that she has been infected with HIV.


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Nigeria ranks second in the world in HIV infected countries

40 year old man jailed for having sex with a goat

Mr. Rabo Mohammed was arrested and sentenced to two years in prison for having sexual intercourse with a goat in Kebbi, Nigeria.  According to prosecuting police officer, Idrisu Sule, the accused was arrested with a stolen goat in the township stadium where he was caught having sexual intercourse with the goat.

The 40 year old man pleaded guilty to the charges and told the Sharia Court his reason for committing such a shameful act was because of the sexual desire that was burning in him during and after Ramadan fasting.

He informed the court that he was married with six children and his mother in-law was also living with them which made it inconvenient for him to spend quality time with his wife.

"I could not meet with my wife for a very long time now and that has been disturbing me and I have no money to spend on free women," he said.

Mr. Mohammed pleaded for forgiveness from the judge and promised never to engage in bestiality again.

Judge Alhaji Zasiru Zage sentenced Mr. Rabo Mohammed to two years in prison, a fine of 20,000 Naira ($134) and 25 lashes at five different locations in the town.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

70 die in fuel tanker explosion in Anambra

70 people have died in Anambra state after a fuel tanker and five commuter buses were involved in an accident. The fuel tanker is said to have overturned after hitting a pothole, spilling fuel across the road, when a car crashed into it causing an explosion that engulfed the buses.

Several other people were badly wounded and are in critical condition in hospitals. It's been said the death toll could rise as more remains of victims are recovered.


Nigeria and Britain join forces in combating drug trafficking

The British Minister for Crime Prevention Alan Campbell during his visit to Nigeria on Friday said the partnership between Britain and Nigeria in fighting illegal drug trafficking has already brought about significant results.

Operation West Bridge is a joint collaboration between Nigeria and Britain to stop drug traffickers from trafficking drugs from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria. The British minister visited Nigeria to review Operation West Bridge.

According to intelligent reports Campbell showed that Nigeria has the most operational drug transit routes in West Africa. He said the cooperation was aiding Nigeria reduce the rate of illegal drug trafficking.

"Already Operation West Bridge is a success which is beneficial to both countries as the volume of bound substances from the country to Europe is reducing," he said.

"Nigeria is key partner in the work we are doing to clean up the mess by drug traffickers," he added.  

Nigeria's Minister for Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Michael Aondoakaa said he was grateful for the assistance of the British government in combating drug trafficking.

"UK has a sincere commitment to the global synergy against drug trafficking and this commitment gave birth to Operation West Bridge,"

The Nigerian minister also said that Nigeria's apex court had set a standard  that awarded a 15-year jail term for drug trafficking.


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Friday, October 9, 2009

69-year old man beats wife to death over rent money

Police in Kaduna state arrested a 69-year old man for allegedly killing his wife, 60-year old Edna  Albert, over rent money. The suspect allegedly beat his wife to death with a piece of firewood after learning she spent some of the money he gave to her for rent.

According to police the suspect gave his wife 7,000 Naira ($46.82) to give to the landlord for rent in which she spent 2,500 Naira ($16.72) from.  He felt humiliated when days later, the landlord approached him for the rest of the balance for rent. It's been established by Kaduna police as his motivation for killing his wife.


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Thursday, October 8, 2009

CNN does special on Lagos

Watch Building a Mega City in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at

CNN's Christian Purefoy shows us the master plan being put in effect to make Lagos a mega city for the 40 million people that will be inhabiting Nigeria's biggest city by 2050.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pope Benedict XVI appoints 2 Nigerians into Pontifical Council

The founder and National Coordinator of the Holy Family Society of Nigeria, Sir David Osunde and his wife, Lady Mary-Joan Osatohanmwem have been appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as members of the Pontifical Council.

The couple were selected to join the Pontifical Academies of life and the family with nine other families from other countries. The pope said the Holy family Society of Nigeria has been instrumental in the propagation of wholesome family practices in Nigeria for twenty years.

Mr. Osunde and his wife will be responsible for promoting family and human life values in accordance to the teachings of the Catholic Church as members of the Pontifical Council.


Arrest warrant issued for Chinese miners in Nigeria

The commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources in Zamfara state, Nigeria has issued an arrest warrant for Chinese miners operating illegally without the consent of the ministry.

The Chinese miners built a mining site in a village called Gwargawo in Maradun and have been excavating different solid minerals from about 10 farmlands. The miners have insisted they will only speak on the orders of the Emir of Maradun.

An Alhaji Aliyu Gusau who claims to be an agent to the company that brought the miners says that the authorities were fully aware of the Chinese miners.

Daily Trust

Monday, October 5, 2009

Electricity generation rises to 2,900 mega watts in Nigeria

The Minister of Power, Dr. Rilwanu Babalola announced that Nigeria's electricity generation has reached 2,900 mega watts. The increased electricity generations comes from repairs to the Shiroro Hydro dam.

Dr. Babalola commended the management and engineers for their ability to repair the unit generator at the station without having to depend on foreign contractors:

"I am proud of your achievement. What is remarkable here is that the repairs on the unit we have just re-inaugurated were carried out entirely by our Nigerian engineers resident here in Shiroro without any foreign assistance," 

"By the re-inauguration of unit 411G3, we have injected additional 150Mw of electricity to the national grid; this is enough energy to meet the basic electricity needs of the Federal Capital Territory.

"While we continue to make concerted effort to meet the energy requirements of our dear nation, we implore Nigerians to understand that electric power cannot be picked off the shelf. It has to be planned for, this calls for patience and support from all Nigerians," he said.

According to the minister, the government is still on course to attain 6,000MW of electricity generated in Nigeria by December of this year.


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Light up Nigeria makes it on CNN

Oprah Winfrey talks Nollywood

An episode of the Oprah Winfrey showed that aired last week featured famous people from around the world. Nigeria's Genevieve Nnaji represented Africa and the Nollywood industry. Mr Frank Okeyere who owns a video store called West African Movies in New York assisted Oprah's Harpo Productions with source material for her special episode:"


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Nollywood will win international award

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Light up Nigeria makes it on CNN

The online campaign to end the electricity crisis in Nigeria gets the attention of CNN...Power to the people!!!

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Firm plans to use solar power to light up Nigeria

Person Of The Day - ABIADE

Born and bred in the south- east in London of Nigerian Heritage, ABIADE presents an indication of things to come, a versatility one feels is necessary in an ever changing music industry.

He presents “The Warm Up”, a culmination of years of honing his craft and perfecting the deliverance of his voyeuristic mind through lyrics.

Having started writing lyrics before puberty had its way with his voice, ABIADE went through a number of identity crisis, not knowing whether the emerging UK garage scene would be the platform for his talents to blossom or if his first love, the US-centric hip hop was ever going to be able accommodate a small time Londoner with a dream.

Fast forward 10 years of experimentation and openness to recording over any genre and ABIADE has found himself a niche; the inability to say no to any kind of music.
“if I go to a myspace and I like a producer’s beat, bet your pennies I’ll holla at him asking ‘how can I spit over it, how much! I’m too on it for my own good at times! “

“The Warm Up is my proper introduction to everyone, the listeners, the scene, the major labels; they haven’t searched all the nooks and crannies yet, there’s SO much talent left, this CD shows I can do it all from the production to the hooks, from the introspective to the hits, I provide social commentary on a lot of stuff people want to talk about, with sick beats behind it. Listener: hope you enjoy listening as much as I did making it”

Download: Abiade-The Warm Up

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nigeria turns 49

Hope everyone has a great independence day :)