Monday, October 26, 2009

Mother murders two-day old son

In Benue State, Nigeria. A mother allegedly killed her two-day old baby by injecting poison into the new born.

The mother, Nguemo Tyokia, allegedly carried out the murder in her room while her baby was sleeping and most neighbours where at their farms. But one of the locals who was still near the vicinity could hear persistent yells coming from the baby after being injected with poison. This brought the attention of other neighbours who made their way to the source of the screams.

An eye witness said the young mother, Nguemo Tyokia, had no justifiable reason to kill the new born since the baby was in good health.

The baby's grandmother, Mrs. Mngenda Hamgba, discovered the shocking crime her son's wife had committed and attempted to save the baby's life.

"When we discovered what had happened, we rushed the baby to the hospital in our locality in Tyowanye but unfortunately help came a little too late as the baby died few hours later", she said.

The accused has been sent to prison and her trial begins on the 9th of November.


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