Monday, October 12, 2009

36 year old man rapes 3 year old girl to cure himself of HIV

In a desperate attempt to cure himself of HIV, 36 year-old Cletus Agwu went to seek help from a witch doctor who allegedly advised him that raping a 3 year-old girl will cure him.

The victim was found over the weekend at 8 Yogbo Street in the North Bank area of Makurdi as her crying brought attention to neighbors who found her dripping blood.

The 3 year-old girl told the neighbors what happened to her and said the alleged rapist threatened to kill her if she told anyone what he did to her. An angry mob hunted down the suspected rapist who was then arrested by the police before the mob could have their way with him.

Cletus Agwu confessed to the police that his motive for raping the 3 year-old girl who he said lived in the same compound with him was to cure himself of HIV. He told the police that a witch doctor told him that having sex with a girl not more than thee years old will cure him permanently.

According to Benue State Commissioner of Police Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed, medical tests carried out on the victim at the North Bank General Hospital in Makurdi confirm that she has been infected with HIV.


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  1. And just what is the tolerance for this kind of culture being allowed to exist?
    Since free will implies that even THIS is tolerable..
    Does anyone want to reconsider the liberal definition of freedom?
    As well as the responsibilities of the most mature and ' adult ' culture around to "police/isolate" these psychopathic throwback cultures.

  2. This is really sad!!!!!!!
    That guy and the witch-doctor need to br be punished!!!
    It's so unfair that the little girl has been infected with so so so sad!
    God help Nigeria!!!!!

  3. Sadly, the belief that having sex with a virgin will cure many illnesses is a lingering and persistent one. In countries where access to doctors and nurses is difficult, and where the basic knowledge to understand infectious diseases is lacking, these kinds of myths flourish and abound. Of course, I think it is still unbelievable that any human being would believe that harming and raping an innocent little girl would heal them.

  4. This is complete nonsense.

  5. I just wonder what this world is turning into.the mob should have dealt with him;probably kill him before the arrival of the police to serve as a deter would-be rapist.something drastic needs to be done to these child-rapists as the menace is eating deep in this country.

  6. I don't still believe that people are still ignorant about HIV/AIDS................. this is an abomination.

  7. This inhuman and savage!

  8. Sounds like a bad urban legend, however in primitive societies, the witch doctor, medicine man, herbalist is the all powerful and not questioned.
    Of course, don't know if this is any more ignorant than praying to a god to be healed.

  9. is incredible what we have on earth
    What strange animals