Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Police officer murders 2 children in hospital

A police officer allegedly suffocated two children at Oni Memorial Children Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria, after he was told that doctors could not save the life of his three-year old daughter. He allegedly removed the drips being used to treat five other children in the hospital and sprayed them with tear gas canisters.

He proceeded to attack the doctors and nurses in the hospital and threatened he would have shot them all if he had his gun on him. The police officer is said to have lost another child in similar circumstances in another hospital.

The daughter of the police officer, Destiny Raymond, had severe malaria, a chest infection, and respiratory disorder.


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  1. Indeed, what did our Nigerian Psychologists diagnose this man with? Witchcraft? "demonic pocession"? This is a clear cut example of a man with depression and probably other issues, why wasn't he admitted for mental assistance. Nope. That is the case of our sadly beloved Nigeria.
    God Save Us.