Sunday, November 15, 2009

70 year old man bites off fingers of 28 year old wife because she refused having sex

70 year old Terhemen Gabu has been sentenced to one year in prison by a court in Benue State, Nigeria for beating his 28 year old wife and biting off her fingers because she refused to have sex with him.

It's been reported by Vanguard that Mr. Gabu repeatedly demanded sex from his wife Nyikeghen Gabu, but she consistently turned him down. So it got to the boiling point were he resulted to brute force in order to have his way with her.

In court the 70 year old defendant alleged that his wife was cheating on him but had no proof to back up his allegations. He then pleaded for the court to have mercy in hope for lenient sentence.

Judge I.N Ajon condemned Mr. Gabu for resorting to violence, noting that the accused failed to show fatherly virtues to his young wife but treated her like a common criminal instead and even a sex slave should not be afflicted with that sort of torture.

Terhemen Gabu was sentenced to a year in prison with an option of N500 ($3.30) fine.

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