Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nigeria sign deal with China to stop import of fake products

Ambassador Idris Waziri revealed that Nigeria and China have signed a deal to stop the influx of fake products from China to Nigeria. Ambassador Waziri made these statements:

“Apart from the fact that the government wants to stop inflow of substandard products, the Chinese are the best investors for the country at present considering where they are coming from.

Even with their technology, we cannot totally call them developed nation, whatever Nigeria is passing through today, they passed through too, so our ordeal is not strange to them. We are expecting not less than 60 Chinese companies for the Investment forum, they are expected to show interest in specific sectors they want to invest in.

“In achieving the vision 20-20 20, we are shifting from buying and selling to full industrialisation, the country needs capital, strong investment, they should bring their money, expertise and skill.

The government has already created the enabling environment for business to strive in all sectors, like the energy sector, Solid minerals, agriculture, communication, oil and gas, sectors etc”.

The deal will be announced officially at the Nigeria-China Investment Forum in Abuja later this month.


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  1. While there are substantial inroads in improving the quality of products from China, there still remains quite a bit of work needed. Therefore, before you do import from China, it is essentially, if not a must, that you do your homework and thoroughly at that. Then, once you have imported and sold the product, more homework needs being done! And, it does not end there…