Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nigeria ranks third in the world in cybercrimes

The latest report by the Internet Crime Complaint Centre has placed Nigeria third on the global list of countries with the highest rate of cybercrimes at 7.5 percent behind the United States with 66.1 percent and the United Kingdom with 10.5 percent.

This is even as the Representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes, Dagmar Thomas, estimates that the nation had lost millions of dollars to the fraudulent act.

She was speaking on the need for the West African Cybercrime Summit billed for September 7 to 10, 2010.

Dagmar, who spoke following the pre-summit workshop and launch of an anti-corruption song, explained that the summit is being hosted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in partnership with UNODC and Industry in Abuja.

While harping on the need to get both government and non-governmental organisations to back the fight and eradicate the problem, Dagmar listed the objectives of the summit as raising political awareness and commitment to combat cybercrime, building capacity for scalable and sustainable solutions and developing multi-lateral cooperation.

Also speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bala Sanda, the Principal Staff Officer to Chairman of the EFCC, Mrs. Farida Waziri, said the fight against cybercrimes has yielded result as over $500 million had been saved due to preventive measures taken.

He said by working with Microsoft and other technical companies, several emails being used for fraudulent dealings have been shut down.


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