Monday, August 16, 2010

Sergeant. shoots DPO, kills self over N50,000

An irate police sergeant yesterday went berserk, during an argument with his superior, a Divisional Police Officer, DPO, over a missing N50, 000, shooting himself to death after shooting the DPO with the intention of killing him.

Sergeant Ibrahim Abdullahi who was said to have stolen the N50, 000 from a shop keeper in Bebeji town, Bebeji local government area of Kano State was making away, when the shopkeeper discovered that some money was mising.

An eyewitness account in Bebeji town told our reporter that, trouble started when Sergeant Abdullahi visited a shop in the town and was alleged to have stolen the sum of N50,000.

"He came into the shop, met the shopkeeper Dauda Buhari and asked after his wife Hajiya Hadiza Yahuza. The shopkeeper told him that his wife was not around. As they were discussing inside the shop, somebody came to buy some goods and Dauda left the Sergeant so as to attend to his customer.

"By the time he came back, Sergeant Abdullahi excused himself and left. But when Dauda searched the money box, he realised that the sum of N50, 000 was missing."

The eyewitness further disclosed that Dauda subsequently pursued the Sergeant and inquired from him whether he knew anything about the missing money and an argument ensued.

According to the source, the Sergeant did not take Dauda's confrontation lightly, as he tried to intimidate him.

Police sources however revealed that as the two engaged in the argument, the DPO who was sitting under a tree near the police station, noticed the Sergeant and the shop attendant arguing and summoned them.

"He invited both of them. After listening to their stories, the DPO ordered the station officer, Inspector Abdullahi Mohammed to disarm Sergeant Abdullahi and investigate the case."

The accused sergeant was subsequently disarmed and the Inspector ordered him to lead him where he said he had urinated, "because that was his excuse when he was going out from the station."

It was gathered that the late Abdullahi flared up when the DPO ordered that he be disarmed and searched over the allegation.

The police source added that the Sergeant later played a fast one when he came back to the station and told the person in charge of firearms that the Inspector had instructed that his gun be returned to him as the case had been resolved amicably.

Sergeant Abdullahi in apparent emotion of guilt, actually aimed at the DPO's chest; he dodged but was hit in the shoulder instead.

Apparently thinking that he had succeeded in snuffing life out of his boss, he then aimed the gun at his head and shot himself dead.

LEADERSHIP SUNDAY gathered that the police later discovered the stolen N50, 000 where the Sergeant had hidden it.

The genesis of the estrangement between the DPO and the sergeant was traced to the redeployment of the latter by the former to the station, from the resident of the local government chairman, Alhaji Dankaka Usaini Bebeji.

The Bebeji council boss who spoke on phone confirmed that the late sergeant appeared hostile to him when he was posted to his residence on duty, saying he complained to the DPO that late Abdullahi should be swapped with a friendly policeman and the DPO obliged his request.

Reacting to the incident, the police public relations officer, Kano State Command, Baba Mohammed Azare confirmed the incident.

According to him, the Command has commenced full scale investigation into the matter. He also explainedthat the bullet wound on the DPO is not severe as doctors at AKTH has certified that it did not pierce the vital organs of his body.

"He has all chances of survival," SP Azare assured.

He revealed that a posthumous investigation would be carried out and if the Sergeant is found guilty, he risks a sentence that would lead to his summary dismissal.


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