Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stampede in Kano, Nigeria over Bin Laden's death

There was stampede in Kano on Monday when news of the death of al-Qaida leader, Osama bin Ladin, in Pakistan via US raids spread across the city just recovering from post-election violence.

The commercial city, which recorded violence that claimed several lives and properties, witnessed another round of stampede resulting in temporary closure of markets, shops and other business places, as residents in flash points where non-indigenes had suffered colossal losses in the past hurried out of the areas.

As news that America's most wanted man had been killed became public, panic and jitters set in resulting in massive movement as non-indigenes scampered for safety.

Some Muslim faithful in Christian dominated areas like Sabon Gari also took to their heels.

In the seeming confusion was the Kofar Ruwa building material market where properties worth several millions of naira were destroyed in the post election violence.

Traders at that side of the market horridly shut their business premises and moved into Sabon Gari inhabited predominantly by non-Muslims and non-natives.

Our correspondent reports that the anxiety on Monday was a clear manifestation of the fact that non-indigenes in Kano are still living in fear despite assurances by security agencies of their safety.

It was gathered that there was also a mass movement of people from Kurna-Asabe, Bachirawa, Mitara and Rijiya Lemo to the Army barracks, while residents in other identified flash-points such as Brigade, Badawa, Dakata, Hotoro and Zango, have also started a gradual movement to the different police barracks in the city.

However, there has never been any sign of possible violence arising from bin Ladin's death, but going by previous experiences where problems in the Arab world are considered as an attack on Islam, non-Muslims are always apprehensive because most times they were at the receiving end.

The situation has also provoked a reinforcement of armed security agents, some of who have been deployed to strategic locations while others are known to be on patrol.

The military men are still very much on the streets of Kano, with armoured personnel carriers also seen in some strategic corners of the city.

Daily Independent

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  1. I suppose the Muslims of Kano are better Muslims than Muslims in other parts of the world? More moronic idiocy if you ask me..

  2. I know dude. Crazy that there is that breed of extremists in Naija!