Thursday, August 25, 2011

English Premiere Leugue Trophy comes to Lagos

English Premier League trophy currently on global tour in Africa continent was yesterday in Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. It was received by Lagos State governor Babatunde Fashola in his office located in Alausa area of the state.

While receiving the trophy presented by the management of Multi Choice limited, Fashola said the English Premier League (EPL) has demonstrated the capacity to create a good economy for the tournament.

He said the country, especially Lagos, is challenged by the success of the EPL which he said started from very humble background, saying it has metamorphosed into a global economy that is viable and providing livelihood for many. "This is what we aimed to do and we have started it here, to mix education curriculum of young talented footballers with sporting commitment and we want to ensure those who participate in the Lagos Junior League are actually students in schools and we think that if we can create this partnership between school and football, we might be up to something very big.

I recall as a student that some of our colleagues used to play for big clubs like Leventis United, Mandillas, Wema Bank, Union Bank, LSDPC and so on and after school, they earn more income to support their family and I think that at this time when there is a lot of youth unemployment, this is one of the things that we can tap into.

With the followership that football has in this country and all of us that are involved in the administration of football at various levels we must get involved and grow it into big economies. I expect that we would be receiving Multi Choice hand in partnership as we go forward and as we provide a night away from destitution and violence."

Multi Choice Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Hundah, said it was important to present it to the governor who is a fan of Manchester United.


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