Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Army sent to guard Abuja after Christmas bombings

Soldiers have been deployed to guard key places in Abuja, in the wake of the christmas Day bombings.

Independent observation by Daily Trust reporters reveals that apart from the stop and check points along high ways coming into Abuja, the most significant change is the tape blockade of Moshood Abiola road by Defense headquarters building.

Another obvious security beef up is the red and white tape barricade of the Tafawa Balewa way by Naval headquarters Abuja.

Our reporters observed that the byways and front entrances of many embassies and government buildings show the same level of security checks even before the yuletide season attacks.

On the road that takes motorist pass several foreign Embassies, including the American Embassy in Abuja, some armed soldiers man security posts.

At the International Conference Centre, soldiers are seen checking motorist driving into the centre, using explosive detection devices to scan under their cars, after also checking their booths.

At major shopping malls in the city, private securities out fits do the checking while soldiers are on standby in their army trucks.

However, notable is the increased security checks with metal scanners and metal detection devices at several city parks and recreational gardens across the city, where despite the apprehension many residents still venture go to relax.

Daily Trust

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