Friday, April 13, 2012

Nigerian extradited to Singapore for online dating scam

A 32-year-old Nigerian - who is believed to be involved in a series of Internet love scams - was extradited to Singapore from Malaysia on Wednesday.

This after the Royal Malaysia Police, acting on information provided by Singapore's Airport Police Division, arrested the suspect in Kuala Lumpur on Monday.

Police said on Thursday that the suspect was nabbed through close collaboration between the police from both sides of the Causeway.


The police also reminded the public to remain vigilant against such scams and if they do come across such cases to:

a) Inform the police immediately if anyone attempts to extort money from you.

b) Be wary of messages from unknown people who want to befriend you.

c) Exercise caution when dealing with unknown persons 'befriended' through the Internet.

d) Do no remit or transfer money to people whom you do not know well enough. The criminal may spend months building rapport with you online before asking for money.

e) Do not accede to any request that may put you in vulnerable positions, such as performing compromising acts in front of the webcam, or give personal details about yourself when interacting with other internet users.

f) If you receive any message or call from anyone claiming he or she is in some kind of trouble overseas and need you to urgently send money over, you should report the matter to police and not transfer the money.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Sam Tee, who is commander of the Airport Police Division, expressed his gratitude to his counterparts from Malaysia for the excellent cooperation and assistance rendered to the Singapore Police Force in effecting the arrest. He also commended his officers for their painstaking investigations into the cases.

Straits Times

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