Friday, June 20, 2014

Nigeria to extradite suspected Boko Haram terrorist from Sudan

The extradition process of Aminu Ogwuche, the suspected mastermind of the bus station bombings in the capital city of Abuja that killed over 70 and injured many others, would be completed soon, an official said on Wednesday.

The Sudanese Ambassador to Nigeria Tagelsir Ali told reporters in Abuja, the West African country’s capital city that both Sudan and Nigeria had similar standards guiding an extradition process.

Ogwuche was arrested in Sudan in May following the joint efforts of the Nigerian Army, Department of State Services, the National Bureau of Interpol based at the Nigerian Police Force Headquarters, and the Sudanese security operatives.

According to him, there is an agreement between Sudan and Nigeria, adding that it was supposed to be revisited in the last bilateral meeting that took place in Khartoum.

The envoy said the extradition treaties always got a sequence of procedures that has to be taken care of, about 17 or 18 procedures that have to be dealt with before a person can go back to his or her country.

Ali acknowledged that the extradition process was delayed at the initial stage.

He gave the assurance that the authorities involved in the process were working hard to ensure that the requirements for the repatriation of Ogwuche were fully met.

He also noted that both parties shared cooperation in the areas of security adding that the head of security here in Nigeria is scheduled to visit the head of security in Sudan.

He said both countries shared similar experiences and expressed the willingness of the Sudanese Government to assist where necessary.

Nigeria’s Boko Haram sect has claimed responsibility for the deadly explosion at a crowded bus station in Abuja that killed at least 75 people.

Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram which has been responsible for major killings in Nigeria since 2009, said in a video message that the network was behind the bomb attack in Abuja.

Proved to be the biggest security challenge in the West African country, Boko Haram seeks to enshrine the Islamic Sharia law into the constitution and declared war against Western education.


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