Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Nigerian woman gives birth at Lagos' Onipanu Bus Stop

 A Nigerian woman has given birth at a bus stop in the main city of Lagos to the jubilation of a crowd that had gathered nearby.

The unnamed woman was waiting to board a bus at the Onipanu Bus Stop when she unexpectedly went into labour on Monday, the emergency services said.

Female market traders helped her to a quiet spot, while first responders rushed to the scene.

She gave birth to a "bouncing" baby boy, the emergency services added.

The mother and child were then taken to hospital, the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (Lamesa) added.

No further details have been released about them, but Nigerians on social media have been posting congratulatory messages - and suggesting names for the newborn.

Facebook user Sunday Ogunsola suggested that the baby should be called Abiona, a Yoruba name which roughly translates to "born during a journey".

The name would highlight the idea that the child was like an explorer, ready for a lifetime of adventures.

Another person on Facebook commented that the woman had saved on hospital bills by giving birth at a bus stop.

By Mansur Abubakar, BBC

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