Thursday, January 28, 2010

IJE The Journey - Official trailer

The queen of Nollywood Genevieve Nnaji stars along side Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde in IJE The Journey. Director Chineze Anyaene takes Nollywood in the right direction with IJE showing respectable production values.

IJE tells a tale of Chioma, a child growing up in the Nigerian countryside, who warned her restless sister, Anya, about the trappings of the American Dream. Now ten years later, Anya is accused of killing three men in a Hollywood Hills mansion—one of them her record producer-husband. Chioma travels from Nigeria to Los Angeles, and with the help of a young, unproven attorney, discovers that the dark secret her sister wants to keep hidden might be the only thing that can win her freedom.

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  1. Wow! looks good. I wonder which theatre it is coming out in. And when. Will definitely watch it.

  2. Yeah, as per do they mean it's going to be released in Naija theaters or Yanki theaters first?

  3. Good story line. But i hope it will not go the way of Nollywood films that is poor picture quality, poor directing, bad script. Cos that is the problem of Nigerian movies, i hope this one will be different. Waiting for the release

  4. Yeah, hope so too Chikanene...From the looks of it, it's definitely better than typical Nollywood movies in terms of picture quality. But I still see elements of Nollywood in some of the dialogue in the trailer. Either way, it's for sure an improvement for Nollywood.

  5. I agree with you 100%. The Nollywood industry is growing, but is flawed when it comes to fundamentals. There are some Nigerian film makers geting it right though. There is this movie called "D'COMEBACK." The producers consulted with Hollywood Visual effect teams and lighting crews. check out their trailer on YouTube.

  6. Thanks for letting us know about D'COMEBACK Tmoney...just checked out the trailer. Looks like a typical Nollywood flick just done with a more high end camera with a solid lense for some good depth of field and better lighting and audio.
    Guess with the advent of technology it's only inevitable for some improvements in visuals. But omo...the acting and storyline way I see for that trailer was a bit of the same.
    As you said, fundamentals still dey lack...but it's all good though. Hopefully one day we go win Oscar like that South African movie Tsotsi!