Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man tries to kill Mother over witchcraft

A 27 year old man is being held by the police in Lagos for attempting to kill his mother on December 30, 2009 over alleged witchcraft which he claimed had retarded the progress of the family.

The man, Nnamdi Mokoye, said he was told by his pastor that his mother who divorced his father 21 years ago, was the architect of the problems in his family. Recounting why he wanted to kill his 50 year old mother, Nnamdi said having experienced abject poverty and frustration for almost three decades, he started going to churches for deliverance and it was in the process that he and his older sister who was sacked by her husband were told that the demon troubling their family was being sponsored by their mother and that they could only experience peace if their mother was eliminated.

On getting to his mother's house on December 30th, Nnamdi asked why she had been bewitching them and that she would see hell if she did not give a satisfactory answer. Before neighbours could get wind of what was happening, 50 year old Mrs. Abigail Nwaje was attacked and badly wounded by her son. Nnamdi took to his heels before neighbours could get to him but he was arrested barely 24 hours later.

Speaking with our reporter, the suspect maintained that he did not set out to kill his mother but to simply find out why she "sold the destiny of all her children to Satan".

"I did not set from Ajegunle to kill my mother but just to find out from her whether she was the witch bedevilling all her children. I dreaded getting into the New Year to still experience all the unforgettable calamities I had experienced since I grew up. I just wanted to confirm our pastor's prophecy but when I got to her house she confronted me angrily.

"We started fighting and she was about to stab me with a scissors and I picked a knife from the table and cut her throat. I really regret my action", he said. Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Frank Mba said the suspect would be charged to court after investigations had been concluded for attempted murder if his mother could survive the incident.

Daily Trust

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