Friday, April 23, 2010

Chinese blame businessmen for fake goods

China has blamed Nigerian businessmen for the fake and sub-standard products coming into Nigeria from China.

Consul-General of China in Lagos, Mr. Guo Kun, made the allegation at an interactive session between the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) and a delegation of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) held at NIIA, yesterday in Lagos.

Mr. Kun said some Nigerian entrepreneurs compel some Chinese companies to produce sub-standard goods and Chinese companies consent because they do not want to lose good business.

"It is a real problem for a product that is say 10 dollars (about N1500) of standard quality, some of the [Nigerian] entrepreneurs went to China, and asked the host to make it thinner and cheaper. At the very beginning, some of the [Chinese] companies were very reluctant to produce for them. But later, you know they are entrepreneurs, they want to make money. These host factories don't want to make for them, to produce for them. Finally they [Nigerian entrepreneurs] went to many factories, at least they can find one or two factories to make for them sub-standard goods and they bring it back [ to Nigeria]," he said.

When asked what Chinese government is doing to stop the production of sub-standard goods in China.

Mr Gun said: "We have regulations. We also educate Chinese entrepreneurs. As I am a government official, I also talk with Chinese in the so-called China Village and with those in Balogun market, 'don't bring these to the Nigerian market".

He promised that the Chinese government will strengthen its products quality control system in order to stop the production of sub-standard goods in China.

Earlier in his address, the leader of CPAFFC delegation, Mr Feng Zuoku, who spoke through an interpreter, said the visit is to strengthen bilateral relationship with Nigeria given the strategic positions both countries occupy in their respective continents and in the world as well.

Mr. Zuoku said future co operations between the two nations are very broad since their respective leadership have continued to share similar positions on global issues and have shown increasing commitment to work together.

Receiving the Chinese delegation, the Director-General of NIIA, Prof. Osita Eze, said Nigeria has a lot to learn from China, given China's increasing ascendance as a global force in political and economic issues. "China is a major power in economic and political issues in the world. It is about the second largest economy in the world and is a member of the United Nations Security Council. You just cannot ignore China in today's economic and political arena. Nigeria must learn from China, how to bring about development in all its facets," he said.

Prof. Eze expressed the hope that the visit will not just stop at NIIA, but extend to all areas of our national life given the shared experiences between the two nations.

In his address, the founder and chairman Nigeria-China Friendship Association (NICAF), Ambassador Vincent Chibundu, expressed appreciation at the expanding and deepening bilateral relationship between Nigeria and China. In his words: "You need to go to the Consulate-General of the PRC [People's Republic of China] or the Embassy in Abuja to witness the long queues applying for visas to China for all sorts of businesses and positive relationship between our two countries is indeed flourishing."

The Chinese delegation comprises local government officials, entrepreneurs and a journalist.

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