Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prophet gunned down in Church

A 54-year-old prophet / founder of Celestial Church of Christ, CCC, Messiah Parish, Meiran, a suburb of Lagos, Prophet Olusola Oluwatuyi, was Tuesday afternoon, shot dead in his church during a meeting with a man, alleged to be a retired Police officer.

According to eye witnesses, the deceased, fondly called, Messiah by his members had informed the church's shepherd Evangelist, Ojelade Oludayo of his meeting with the retired officer and one Mr. Olaifa and warned that he does not want to be disturbed.

It was reported that Olaifa was the first to exit the meeting, leaving the retired Commissioner and the cleric behind.

Not quite long after Olaifa left the said meeting, the sound of a gun shot was heard as the retired officer was seen hurrying out of the premises. But when members rushed to the scene, they found Messiah in a pool of his own blood.

An eye witness, Mrs. Titilayo Awofisayo said she was washing her clothes, in the church premises when she suddenly heard the gun shot.

"Our founder, Mr. Olaifa and a retired ACP held a meeting for two hours. Mr. Olaifa was the first person to leave while our founder and the ACP remained upstairs. Suddenly, I heard a gun shot but I never knew where it came from. As I was wondering about this, the retired Police officer came downstairs with his two hands in his pocket demanding that I should accompany him to a nearby hospital but, I told him I was not properly dressed and I called another member of the church, Jide Oguntola to accompany him. I was restless till they came back and I asked him if there was something wrong and he kept saying, 'Messiah is my son'.

Immediately, I ran upstairs to see what happened but found our founder lying in a pool of his blood with a double barrel riffle and a revolver carefully placed on the table. I also found his two phones, office and car keys in the office.

I asked him what has happened and he responded that Prince (our founder) was fidgeting with the gun when it fired.

Immediatly, I ran outside to alert other people who also rushed to the scene but to my astonishment, the ACP had escaped after he told the sympathisers he was going to invite the Police.

I pursued him and found him by his car as he told me he wanted to go and call the Police . I dragged him to the church so he can explain what transpired between him and Prince (our founder). "

The said retired officer has been arrestd by the police and taken to the Criminal Investigative Division, Panti in Lagos.


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