Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Britain deports 120 Nigerians

One hundred and twenty Nigerians were deported yesterday, by government of the United Kingdom, for various offences; including lack of valid papers, over stay and other related immigration rules.

The deportees arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, aboard a chartered cargo aircraft.

It was gather that the deportees who arrived in the early hours of yesterday comprised mainly of young men and women.

As they waited along the main entrance into the cargo terminal, drawing unusual attention from airport workers who were rushing to resume work in the early hours, the deportees expressed reservations over the way and manner they were brought back home in the cargo aircraft, which they said is enough indication of the value government places on them.

Scores of airport workers stopped to interface with the deportees, as some of them expressed fears of not knowing what to fall back on, now that they are back in the country they left many years ago.

One of the deportees said, ' I am not interested in discussing why we were brought back home, but, my problem now is how to get out of this international airport without drawing unusual attention.

I must add that it is not a pleasant experience.'

Another deportee, a young man, who gave his name as Wale said 'How do I cope now that we have been sent home unprepared?

He blamed the leadership of the country for their predicament, affirming that if the economic situation at home were pleasant, Nigerians would have had no business traveling abroad to seek for greener pastures.

Cars, mainly commercial limousine operators, lined up at the main entrance of the cargo terminal, willing to ferry the deportees to their respective destinations.

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