Friday, May 25, 2012

70 Chinese migrants arrested by Nigerian immigration authorities released

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei has confirmed that around 70 Chinese citizens who were arrested by Nigeria’s immigration authorities, have been released.

On Tuesday, nearly 100 Chinese nationals were detained in Nigeria, accused of living and working illegally in the country. The Chinese embassy has met with officials from Nigeria’s foreign ministry and its immigration department, to lodge a representation.

China urges Nigerian authorities to make sure of the safety of detained Chinese nationals and ensure their humane treatment.

Hong Lei, Spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry, said, "The Chinese Embassy in Nigeria and General Consulate in Lagos have paid great attention to the incident and made prompt inquiries concerning the case. For those Chinese who have been confirmed to have stayed and worked illegally and are facing repatriation, the Chinese embassy will continue to offer consular assistance for their legal rights and safety."


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