Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nigeria deports 45 Chinese

The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Kano State Command yesterday arrested 45 Chinese nationals for engaging in economic scavenging in the popular textile market of Kantin Kwari.

In addition to the mass arrest, the NIS also said it was set to repatriate the arrested Chinese nationals to their country of origin.

The state Comptroller of Immigration, Dr. Emmanuel Brasca Udo Ifeadi, said the move was a national issue directed by the Controller General of the Immigration service and stated that it was for Kano, Lagos and Ibadan where Chinese nationals were engaged in textile trading.

Addressing journalists in his office, the controller said: “Out of the arrested Chinese nationals, 11 of them are women and it’s an exercise to make the economy of the country getting healthier, but only with quality foreign expatriate that can be allow but those that economic scavengers will be deport back to their country.”

Ifeadi said: “Chinese nationals are selling textile in market, but that of Kano is worrisome, so the comptroller General feels that enough is enough and its going to be a continuous exercise until when they economic revive.”

He said those arrested will be send back to their country, adding that:“Its continuous exercise, all those foreign nationals trading in the market who are causing economic havoc to our country will be  arrested and deport back to their country.

“For Chinese to come to our country and be selling textiles in our market we will not allow it and we will continue checking them, arresting them and deport them back to their country.”

He said: “Chinese select basic areas in the country, but basically the exercise three major areas of Kano, Lagos and Ibadan their activities is worst, so we will fish them out and repatriate them.”

Emmanuel added that the Chinese national invaded the Kano market, but the government decided to stop them from trading in the market and deport them back to their countries.

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