Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Catherine Dupe Atoki is first African to win Asian Peace Prize

A renowned Nigerian female rights activist, Mrs. Catherine Dupe Atoki, will receive the distinguished Gusi Peace Prize International for 2013 on November 27 at the Philippine International Convention Center, Manila Philippines. She would be the first African woman to be honoured with the laureate which is considered as the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Mrs. Atoki was recently appointed by President Goodluck Jonathan as new director general of the Consumer Protection Council (CPC), a position she has assumed after serving her full tenure as chairperson of the African Union Commission on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR). She was also the first African woman to hold that position. According to the organizers, Mrs Atoki was nominated for the Gusi Peace Prize by Justice Yeung Sik Yuen, a former laureate of the peace prize for her significant contributions to Peacekeeping in the field of Human Rights Advocacy of the African Union.

The event which is held annually in the Philippines is said to be mandated by the country's Presidential Proclamation 1476 declaring every fourth Wednesday of November as the Gusi Peace Prize International Friendship Day.

Dr. Evelyn Gusi, chairman of the Barry Gusi Peace Prize Foundation, organizers of the event, who conveyed Mrs. Atoki's nomination for the award in a letter she signed said: "The Gusi Peace Prize Philippines and international committees have decided to award the Gusi Peace Prize International for 2013 to you, Honourable Catherine Dupe Atoki, for your untiring efforts, working for people's amelioration to find peaceful solutions for people's welfare through Human Rights Advocacy in the African Union."

Accepting her nomination for the award, Mrs Atoki expressed appreciation to Justice Yeung Sik Yuen for recommending her and thanked the Gusi Prize Foundation for their work for humanity. "I am indeed delighted for my nomination for this award; I thank the Gusi Prize Foundation for recognizing my modest contributions and as I look forward to receiving the award it is my hope that it would spur me into doing more for my country, the continent and humanity in general", Mrs Atoki said.

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