Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nigerian couple arrested for child trafficking

The Nigeria Police Special Fraud Unit, SFU, said it has apprehended two suspects who "stole" twin babies and planned to travel with them to the United States.

Adenuga and Elizabeth Soyibo were reported to the police by the U.S. Consulate where they had applied for American visa, the SFU said in a statement released Monday.

According to the statement, their application was deferred on the suspicion that their babies appeared not to belong to them.

The consulate ordered a DNA test to ascertain the biological relationship between the babies and the couple.

"The Consulate invited them when it received the result of the DNA which revealed that the babies do not belong to the couple as both lack the genetic marks that must be contributed to the child by the biological parents," said the statement, signed by Ngozi Isintume-Agu, SFU Public Relations Officer.

During investigation, police detectives travelled with the couple to Port Harcourt where Mrs. Soyibo claimed to have delivered the babies in a small, private house.

"On getting to Port Harcourt, the woman claimed she could no longer identify or locate the place. She also stated that she has no antenatal record anywhere as she did not attend any," the statement said.

The couple stated that they paid a woman N1.8 million to administer 'Agbo', a local herb, on the man to boost the sperm count and on the woman to produce the babies.

"Both suspects claimed they can no longer trace the woman whom they paid the sum of N1.8 million for the 'Agbo' and the delivery of the baby.

"They also could not produce anyone who knew about the conception and subsequent delivery of the babies," the statement added.

The police said that the suspects would appear in court soon.

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