Tuesday, November 24, 2015

500 Nigerians scheduled to be deported from U.K. today

Nigerians at home are currently bracing for a blazing diplomatic row with Britain as the United Kingdom plans to deport over 500 Nigerians who have been resident in that country today.

For over two weeks now, the affected Nigerians in the UK have been crying out to the Nigerian Government to come their rescue,but it appears their cry for help has fallen on deaf ears.

Some of these Nigerians are married to British nationals, and deporting now will mean that they may never get to see their families and loved ones in the UK again.

Sad enough too, the Nigerian Government has been uncomfortably silent on the allegation of Nigerian High Commission officials in the UK taking £3,000 bribe from UK officials to issue travel certificates to the affected Nigerians.

The families of the affected Nigerians at home here are wondering why the government is not taking any action on the issue, when of course,it is common knowledge that the British Government will never condone its own citizens being treated in the manner Nigerians are being treated in the UK.


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