Monday, February 8, 2021

Nigerian FM says Nigeria emulating China to grow economy

Nigeria is learning from China on its economic development success and becoming less dependent on imports, said Geoffrey Onyeama, the country’s minister of Foreign Affairs, Sunday.

While reflecting on the 50 years of bilateral relations between both countries, Onyeama told the official News Agency of Nigeria that Nigeria is on the right track as President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has prioritized all it takes to boost the economy, especially with agriculture.

“We will like to replicate what China has done,” he added. According to him, one of such preconditions is the ability of a country to be able to feed its population. This, he said, was why President Buhari has prioritized agriculture for food security.

Another precondition identified was that a country needed the financial capital to generate wealth, he noted.

The bilateral relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the People’s Republic of China were formally established on Feb. 10, 1971.


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