Friday, December 18, 2009

77 year old man love machine to 16 women

"They can all testify to the fact that I satisfy them sexually in spite of my age. I don't use any drug. It is God Almighty that is behind me that created me like that, but sometimes, I used agbo, native herbs."

Those were the words of Pa Jimoh Iti-Ogede, a 77-year-old man, who shocked the people present in court while giving his testimony in a divorce suit he instituted against Mrs. Sukurat, one of his wives recently before an Igando Grade 'B' Customary Court, Lagos.

The man, who claimed that he is married to 16 wives, said that though some of them have deserted him or died, he was able to perform his duty in bed as a husband to all the women to the extent that some of them hailed and cherished him.

He told the court that all his wives could testify that he is a great performer when it comes to love making.

In his testimony, Jimoh told the court :"If my wife (Sukurat) leaves me today, another one will come in tomorrow as far as she has interest in me. I take good care of women," he said.

Sharing his experience in marriage, he said: "I have married up to 16 wives. Presently, three of them are living with me; some have packed out to live alone or live in their own houses, while some are dead. I have built houses for the majority of them.

I take good care of the ones that are living with me."

Insisting on separation from his estranged wife, he told the court to immediately dissolve the union between him and the woman, Sukuratu.

"This is because she fights all our neighbours and my tenants frequently. She does not respect me, she goes out at her own free will and comes back whenever she prefers. In fact ,I don't love her anymore."

Asked by the president of the court, Mr. J. A. Eko, where he is getting the powers to satisfy the women and if his action is not injurious to his health, he said: "The wives can testify to my claims that I satisfy them well in bed. If you ask me to bring any of them ,I will oblige the court. I don't feel bad or tired of it" .

Speaking further on the attitude of his estranged wife, the man said, "when she was served with the court summon, she came and gave me a thorough beating but I did not take it low. I invited policemen who arrested her. Like I said, my lord, I cannot sleep with her anymore, I want a divorce. I don't want her again; she should let me have the custody of my three-year old child and I need my peace."

In her own response, the woman told the court that the man had denied her sex since November last year. She claimed that contrary to the man's testimonies, he possess no power to satisfy her in bed again but she said she is still in love with the man if he is ready to reconcile with her.

"My Lord, he does not come to my room anymore. He made love to me last in November last year. I can tell the court that he was not doing it well again like before."

The matter has been adjourned for further hearing.


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