Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hollywood making Fela movie

The story of the iconic Nigerian artist Fela Kuti will soon be gracing the silver screen. Hollywood's film production company Focus Features will be making the movie in collaboration with new British director, Steve McQueen, who's debut film titled Hunger received critical acclaim and won numerous independent film awards. The screenplay will be an adaptation of the book "Fela:The life and Times of an African Musical Icon." McQueen and  Biyi Bandele will be working on the screenplay together.

Focus Features CEO James Schamus released this statement about the project:

"Fela might be the most globally influential pop artist outside the Beatles in the last 50 years,"

"The Broadway show is pure joy, but Steve and Biyi's vision is very cinematic and distinctive. Fela was a revolutionary figure in world culture, and Steve is an artist who had a strong vision of politics and the world even before he made his first film. They are kindred spirits."

First Showing

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  1. Hi Y’all. My name is Janelia. I am a Nigerian-American singer/songwriter/actor. I just released an afro-beat track which is a patriotic song to Nigeria...it screams "License me for a cut in the Fela movie!!!" See the slide show here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1KKyIp75Iw