Monday, July 11, 2011

Pirated Nollywood movies flood Uganda

Despite being popular, most Nigerian movies sold in Uganda are pirated, affecting the producers' income, officials from the West African country have complained.

Alex Eyengho of the Association of Nollywood Core Producers (ANCOP) while in Uganda recently, noted that work from Nollywood-Nigeria's movie base was being sold on the streets for less than $1 (about sh2, 600).

"A 20-in-one DVD is sold for less than $1. The pirates are the publishers who are known as the marketers in Nigeria," he told Vanguard newspaper.

But Ugandan film makers complained that the pirated Nigerian movies were stifling the growth of the movie industry here.

According to Eyengho, "security stickers" would soon be attached to all movies as a way of differentiating original from the pirated copies.

ANCOP officials late last month met with Uganda Federation of Movie Industry (UFMI) to seek solutions to the problem.

Commenting about the discussions between the two bodies, UFMI boss Dr. Eddie Nsubuga said: "We are working with the Nigerians because we want our industry to grow."

The partnership, Eyengho pledged, would be "reciprocal."

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