Monday, October 17, 2011

Many Nigerian citizens detained in Libya

The al-Judaida prison in Libya which was hotbed of abuse and injustice has over 1,000 inmates, majority of whom were Nigerians detained by the National Transitional Council, the BBC reports.

Taher Husnein, who runs the prison, now said that some of the inmates are innocent of any crimes.

Among them are hundreds of Nigerians and other Africans - men and women - who had been detained because they did not have the right paperwork to stay in Libya.

"Please, please do something to help us," begged a desperate woman, Olichi Dioka.

Amnesty International has acknowledged the major challenges facing Libya's new authorities.

But it has urged them to ensure that continued abuse does not "stain the new Libya's human rights record".

"Only 1% of the people in here are guilty," said one detainee.

"The people who are really guilty have all fled. We've all been rounded up because they think we supported Gaddafi. But everyone had to support Gaddafi."

Another man said he had been detained because pro-government militias were looking for his brother who had served as a soldier. One was picked up after a picture of Col. Gaddafi was found under his car seat.

Another said he had simply been caught up in a private vendetta. "They have done no investigation, nothing," he said, with tears rolling down his face.

"I want to go home."

Daily Trust

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  1. Libya is not only the one who had been experienced this kind of situation..even in the eastern countries certain issues like detaining somebody who doesn't commit the crime.