Monday, October 10, 2011

Prostitutes sell semen to ritual killers in Abuja

Horny men in Abuja stand the chance of having their semen taken away and sold to ritual killers by commercial sex workers who have laid siege to the city.

This demonic practice may have been responsible for the woes suffered by some men including sterility, erectile dysfunction, marital crisis, failure in business and even death, said observers.

Our correspondents reported that some prostitutes with condoms filled with fresh semen were arrested by officials of the Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB), while raiding some red light areas of the city.

A total of 104 suspected commercial sex workers have been arrested for prosecution during raids carried out by the board in collaboration with the Society Against Prostitution and Child Labour (SAP-CLN)

SAP-CLN is an Abuja-based non-governmental organization involved in the rehabilitation of prostitutes and street children.

An AEPB official, who pleaded anonymity, said some of the commercial sex workers were found with condoms containing fresh male semen after they were picked from the streets. He said the recoveries of the used condoms were made when officials searched bags brought in by the commercial sex workers.

Other items recovered include Benelyn cough syrup laced with codeine, Indian hemp, cigarettes and Dunlop Plastic Solution, an adhesive used in vulcanizing tires.

He said, "It is a recurrent thing here. We find condoms with sperm when we search their bags. The necks of the condoms are tied to prevent the contents from spilling and are carefully wrapped in toilet tissue.

"We also found Benelyn cough syrup, marijuana, cigarettes and an adhesive used by vulcanizers in fixing tyres. Some of them become very wild after taking drugs and one has to be careful when going for the raid."

A commercial sex worker, who gave her name simply as Joy, told our correspondent that the semen found with some of her colleagues were secretly taken away after they had sex with their patrons.

In an attempt to extract the semen from unsuspecting male "clients," she said, commercial sex workers exhibit extraordinary care and sex appeal, attributes which, she further claimed, caused many men to lose their guard.

As soon as the man gives in fully to the pleasure of the illicit affair, she said, the prostitute moans and screams wildly in fake ecstasy thereby setting the stage to carry out her mischief.

But where the male "client" refuses to succumb to the trappings of the fake expression of passion, she said, the girl would rub fetish powder on her nipples and offer them to the man to suck. After sucking the breasts, the man loses consciousness and the sex worker would steal all his valuables and collect his semen.

She said some of her colleagues also use drugs to knock out some of their patrons and entice them into having sex in a semi-conscious state. She said: "After pulling the condom, the girl would go into the bathroom and flush the tissue she used in cleaning the man while tying the neck of the condom.

"She would tie the neck of the condom to avoid spillage and carefully hide it away until she is ready to go. Sperm is a very hot thing for people, who use it for medicine. I don't know how much they sell it because am not into that kind of line."

"But I know that a lot of girls do it and they make so much money from it. I don't want to carry somebody's blood because I don't know what the juju priest will do with someone's sperm. I only do ashawo (prostitution) business. I don't sell sperm."

But determined to stamp out the criminal practice, the Federal Capital Territory Administration, through the AEPB, has launched an operation to dislodge prostitutes from the city.

The operation, which is carried out in collaboration with the Society Against Prostitution and Child Labour (SAP-CLN) has led to the arrest of 104 commercial sex workers in various parts of the city during three raids.

At the raid which was carried out on Thursday, September 29, a total of 44 suspected prostitutes where arrested and held for prosecution.

However, on Monday, October 3, the team arrested another 33 suspected commercial sex workers, while 26 suspects were arrested during another raid on Thursday, October 6.

The operation is carried out based on the provision of Section 35 (1g) of the AEPB Act No. 10 of 1997, which prohibits sex trade in the capital city.

The suspects were arraigned before a mobile court presided over by Mr. Aminu Abdulahi, a magistrate with the FCT.

Out of the 44 suspects that were arrested during the September 29 raid, a total of 31 pleaded guilty to the charge, while 13 pleaded not guilty and were granted bail.

About 16 convicts who could not afford a fine of N5,000 as stipulated in the AEPB law were sent on one-month imprisonment at Suleja Prison.

However, 13 other convicts, who could afford the stipulated fine, were sent for rehabilitation at the SAP-CLN center located in Sabo Lugbe, off Umaru Yar'Adua Way.

Out of the 33 suspects arrested on Monday, October 3, five of the suspects were released on bail, four were freed after they were screened and an undertaking extracted from them by the court.

The remaining 25 people pleaded guilty to the charge and were accordingly convicted but only seven were sent to Kuje Prison, while 17 paid fine and opted for rehabilitation.

The coordinator of SAP-CLN, Mrs. Grace Adogo, said the organization was touched by the plight of the commercial sex workers who were sent to prison.

She said a lot of the commercial sex workers saw what they did as business and not as a criminal activity. Adogo recounted the story of an inmate who, after spending one month at the rehabilitation centre, suddenly stripped herself and shouted on top of her voice that she could no longer cope.

According to her, the inmate said she used to sleep with several men in a day and send some of the proceeds home for the upkeep of her family.

She said, Our security men ran away on sighting her. "She shouted that she should be released immediately and we did, because we couldn't keep her against her wish. She said she used to sleep with several men in a day and could not continue to cope without seeing a man.

"She told me that her mother called and said she had lost so much revenue during the one month she was in the center and that she should come out and continue the business. The girl went back home."


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