Monday, January 7, 2013

CNN anchor Dr. Fareed Zakaria urges Nigeria to invest in education

CNN anchor Dr. Fareed Zakaria has called on Nigerian leaders to take charge of the country's future by investing in the educational sector to provide quality foundational education for children.

Zakaria who spoke on the theme, Africa's Political Economy: The Challenge of Leadership at the Airtel Night of Influence provided insights and analyses of African and Nigerian political economy for the distinguished audience of high net worth persons at the event at the Zinnia Hall of Eko Hotel & Suites.

The renowned journalist, international author and host of the popular Fareed Zakaria's GPS on CNN, observed that a focused investment in human capital development and building strong institutions to safe-guard society from human failings are important requirements for lifting developing nations out of the lowest levels of economic growth.

The cerebral TV anchorman also advised that rather than "subsidizing the present or buying votes, leaders should invest in education, invest in Infrastructure, invest in healthcare and invest in the future."

Citing Taiwan and South Korea, he further observed that although these countries do not have natural resources, they have emerged strong economies with impressive GDP growth rates because of their efforts in developing human capital and building strong institutions.

He also noted that the United States of America currently exports human capital in Liquefied Natural Gas and other areas because the country had invested in research, training and development in those areas.

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