Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gives authentic rendition of Lagos, Nigeria

Call of Duty gets a lot of stick - some of it deserved - for being "stupid", but here's a neat little touch I found in Advanced Warfare's singleplayer campaign that's worth a closer look.

Real estate in Lagos can be...chaotic, and these warnings are to remind folks that even if a "real estate agent" turns up carrying property papers, there's no telling if they're actually genuine or not.

Seems like a pretty minor thing to get hung up on, but I guess I like it because, while developers taking trips to actual locations for scouting is nothing new, it's rare you see them work anything other than architecture into their games. Slotting some cultural commentary - however out of place it might be by 2055, the year the game takes place - gives AW's Lagos a little more sense of being than if they'd just copied the streets and facades.


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