Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Port Harcourt International airport in Nigeria voted world's worst airport

Port Harcourt International Airport in Nigeria has been voted the world’s worst airport, according to tens of thousands of travellers.

The airport topped the Guide to Sleeping in Airports world’s worst airports 2015 list, which surveyed over 26,000 fliers to find out the best and worst airports around the globe.

Unhelpful staff, a severe lack of seating and broken air-conditioning were just some of the reasons the Port Harcourt International Airport was given the worst airport title.

Saudi Arabia’s Jeddah King Abdulaziz airport was second on the list – as it was last year - due to passengers’ annoyance at the “crowded, chaotic and unclean” Hajj terminal. A new airport in Jeddah is scheduled to open next year.

Nepal’s Kathmandu Tribhuvan International airport also stuck with the same position as last year in third place.​

France’s Beauvais-Tille Airport coming in at number 10. Fliers cited an absence of chairs, lack of kind staff and expensive Wi-Fi as the reason Beauvais-Tille was not their favourite airport.

Sleeping in Airports asked passengers to judge the airports in four categories: comfort, cleanliness, convenience and customer service.

Here’s the list in full:

1. Port Harcourt International Airport (Nigeria)

2. King Abdulaziz International Airport (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

3. Tribhuvan International Airport (Kathmandu, Nepal)

4. Tashkent International Airport (Uzbekistan)

5. Simon Bolivar International Airport (Caracas, Venezuela)

6. Toussaint Louverture International Airport (Port au Prince, Haiti)

7. Hamid Karzai International Airport (Kabul, Afghanistan)

8. Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

9. Benazir Bhutto International Airport (Islamabad, Pakistan)

10. Beauvais-Tille International Airport (Paris)


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