Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Video - Toronto sisters accused of blackmailing Nigerian billionaire released on bail

Two sisters in Nigeria with ties to Toronto have been released on bail after being detained for allegedly attempting to blackmail a billionaire with claims he cheated on his wife.

According to the website Politics Nigeria, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo operated a website called naijagistlive. It’s alleged the sisters cyber-bullied several high-ranking men, including a billionaire named Femi Otedola, and accused them of cheating and seeing prostitutes.

Politics Nigeria said the sisters tried to blackmail Otedola by claiming they had evidence of him having an affair.

“It was also discovered that the girls recorded conversations and s*x (sic) romps with their rich clients which comprise of politicians, club owners and businessmen.”

The report said the sisters contacted the clients through a third party and demanded they pay “thousands of dollars or risk the release of the recordings/pictures/videos online through their website.”

Politics Nigeria said sources told them Otedola contacted police to report the blackmail attempt. It said the sisters made “a confessional statement” saying they were behind the website and made an apology to Otedola.

The article said the sisters were arraigned at the Yaba Megistrate Court on Friday. The case will be heard again on Jan. 26.

The online article contains a picture of a document entitled “Criminal Undertaking” which lists several allegations.

“From time to time, I charged various individuals for the removal of certain content posted on the site, as well as for the posting of certain information about various people,” it also said.

The document has the name Taranjot Matharoo printed at the top with a west-end Toronto address and it is signed by Kiranjot Matharoo at the bottom, along with a Toronto-based phone number.

A spokeswoman from Global Affairs Canada said in a statement that consular services are being provided to Canadian citizens detained in Lagos, Nigeria. However, she said further details couldn’t be released due to privacy issues.

Salem Moussallam, who said he has been friends with the sisters for around five years, described the pair as “socialites” and said he was “very shocked” about what happened.

He said the sisters have been released on bail and the situation has been “blown way too much out of proportion.”

Moussallam said he spoke with Jyoti as recently as Monday.

“They’re saying, ‘We’re all right. We’re fine. We’ll come and see you – back soon. We’re going to be going to (Las) Vegas,’” adding the pair don’t live in Nigeria.

Global News hasn’t been able to independently confirm the allegations contained in the Politics Nigeria article.

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