Friday, December 30, 2016

Toronto sisters post apology video for causing Nigeria sex scandal

In a bizarre video posted to YouTube on Thursday, the two Toronto sisters detained in a sex scandal in Nigeria appear to have issued an apology.

“We apologize to Femi Otedola and his family, especially his wife and children, and all the other petitioners,” a woman who appears to be Jyoti Matharoo says in the 45-second video, while another woman — apparently her sister Kiran Matharoo — stands beside her.

The sisters were charged last week after being accused of cyberbullying and attempting to blackmail numerous moneyed Nigerian men with photos of sex acts, according to reports in Nigerian media.

Police in Nigeria have alleged the sisters targeted Otedola, who is a billionaire oil tycoon.

The accusations against the sisters made headlines in Nigeria and in Canada. Photos of their Kardashian-like Instagram accounts show a lavish jet-setting lifestyle, complete with cocktails, expensive handbags, and the latest fashions.

In Thursday’s video, posted by an account called Linda Ikeji TV, the Matharoo sisters appear standing, Jyoti in a black dress and Kiran in a black jumpsuit.

Jyoti speaks to the camera while reading off a phone, while the other woman looks on.

“We created a platform called and .co where people can send in stories,” Jyoti says. “Most stories were sent by close friends or associates of people being written about. The intention was not to hurt anyone or to be malicious. The intention was not to extort anyone. We haven’t received any money from this website.”

She goes on to say “the money” went to someone else.

“We are again very sorry and we assure all the petitioners that we will not have any affiliation whatsoever with this website or any other website that has to do with this,” Jyoti continues.

“We promise not to say anything of the contrary to what we are saying now. We freely volunteer to make this video, and not under duress, because we are aware of the damages done to people.”

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