Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fuel tanker explosion in Nigeria kills dozens

Dozens of people are feared dead after a fuel tanker flipped and exploded in Benue State in northern Nigeria on Monday.

The driver of the tanker lost control of the vehicle after trying to dodge a pothole, eyewitnesses said.

An 18-seater bus collided with the burning tanker and also caught fire.

At least 10 bodies have been recovered while more than 50 people have been taken to hospitals, Benue State officials said.

The petrol tanker did not explode immediately after it flipped, eyewitness said, and security personnel in the area warned residents to stay away from the vehicle.

But the warnings fell on deaf ears and some local residents even hit the tanker in attempts to scoop fuel from it, the witnesses said.

Unconfirmed reports from an emergency official put the death toll at 40, with 50 more were injured, while the local authority said 50 died and 70 were injured. The injured were receiving treatment in four local hospitals.


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