Thursday, April 23, 2009

Canadian kidnapped in Kaduna

 Is it just me or are kidnappings rampantly happening all over the world right now. We have crazy Somali pirates, Jaimacans hijacking planes, Militia in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, and now Kaduna has gotten in the mix.

Canadian woman Julie Ann Mulligan was Kidnapped in Kaduna last Thursday, April 16th. The kidnappers are demanding a ransom of 20 million Naira which is  $136,227 US Dollars.  At about approximately 8 hours ago today (April 23rd) it was reported that Julie has fallen seriously ill. Here are some of the quotes from her Captors:

"Our hostage is seriously sick, she has malaria and rashes all over her body,"

"She is still weak even after taking some medication we offered her. She can barely talk"

It's a pretty sorry state of affairs around the world these days. People are resulting to very desperate measures in this desperate time we're all in, brought about by the global recession, and for the criminally inclined in the third world, kidnapping seems to be where the money's at.

I hope Julie returns home safely.


  1. Nigeria has always been an accomodating country to all foreign nationals, How come we now result in this type of cowardly act. Hope they let this poor woman go home to her family.

  2. Do these fools think that every uyinbo can just pull out $136,000 from their bank accounts? I wonder if the Canadian govt. has gotten involved in trying to rescue her?

  3. I thank God that she has been released. May she have a safe trip back to Canada.