Saturday, April 18, 2009

Person of the day-Bobby Ologun

Some of you guys have probably heard of Bobby Ologun. If not, he's kind of a big deal in Japan. The dude is friggin hirarious and quite sharp I think if it's hopefully one big elaborate ruse his act is...I truly hope it is. His shtick is based on him exploiting old skool stereo types of African gaijins in Japan by bulging his eyes out (that must hurt) from time to time and speaking Japanese in an exaggerated deep voice as he intentionally butchers the language. And the dude is milking the whole thing for what it's worth.

His career took a big hit in 06 after he allegedly assaulted one of his Ogas over fuck you pay me issues. But he seems to be making a comeback as of late by appearing on talk shows and taking part in b-list celebrity shows.

Enough props to Bobby Ologun, how many Nigerian celebrities can lay claim to being in a videogame....Bobby San can!!!

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  1. offended_naija_guyApril 22, 2009 at 9:30 AM

    I am quite disgusted by this clip. It's hard to fathom that a mainstream show in Japan sanctions the type of behavior exhibited by the hosts of the show. They were mocking and even hitting a man because of his perceived lack of intelligence - real or make believe. This sort of thing would be a huge scandal in North America.
    I also have a problem with Bobby Ologun if he is putting himself through this abuse and humiliation for the sake of money. He should realize that he is in essence helping to promote a harmful stereotype and is not serving the interests of minorities and people with developmental disabilities. He should at the very least balance his act with a message that says its not cool to discriminate.