Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Obasanjo in the hot seat in Hardtalk interview

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Chai!!! These BBC guys don't joke around. The show isn't called Hardtalk for nothing. Last month Obasanjo was on the show,president or no president  this BBC dude didn't send, and just started interrogating OBJ anyhow.

Former president of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo was confronted interviewed about hard pressing issues such as corruption that has been devastating Nigeria and the entire African continent as a whole. Maybe it's just me but if you look in the video up top, like around the 17th minute I think, you can just notice a trickle of sweat running down from the left corner of OBJ's eyebrow.


  1. Love this interview, love the questions. Unfortunately, it reveals that Obasanjo is in denial for a lot of the problems we are having in Nigeria. Its almost like he is in his own world and is not willing to take responsibility for anything. Makes me wonder how he ever became the president but then again, that is a whole different topic..rather not go there.

  2. Obj sits here as a so called advisor? Ha! Don't make me laugh!!! He's the most corrupted former president in Nigeria toay! Him, Sam Egwu and many other former public officials stole BILLIONS from the Nigerian people and left them dry, hopeless and worthless! Don't deceive yourself, Obj, because the world knows the true you behind the fake image you put up. Why do yo think the interviewer is asking you so many harsh questions? He already knows what kind of person you truly are! You greedy thief!