Thursday, December 5, 2019

Video - Nigeria's multi-billion dollar adult film industry

Despite the conservative nature of the Nigerian society, the adult film industry continues to boom with porn stars racking multi-million dollar every year. Though not yet regulated in Nigeria, there's a potential revenue stream for the government if the industry is backed with some legal frameworks.

In the United States, the porn industry is estimated to generate up to $10 billion, according to the National Research Council Report, 2002. No official record for Nigeria.
Edet Mareme, an adult entertainer, tells Business Insider SSA that pornstars make up to $10,000/month depending on the role.

“In a month, porn star can make from $3,000 to $10,000 and more. “Girls are paid more than their male counterparts in the industry," Mareme says.

Against societal narratives, Mareme said porn acting porn doesn't stop a woman from having a happy life and home. “A woman can decide to go into porn acting and stop after a while and go and marry. Nobody can stop you.”

Nigerian societal settings stigmatise against porn actors and women are castigated from society for engaging in porn or its related industries.

Changing the narrative about the porn industry

Mareme said people are mistaking the porn industry for commercial sex or prostitution, claiming they are quite different.

“People mistake me for a sex worker, I am a porn actress. Because you watched my video from an x-rated website doesn't mean I have sex with everybody I meet,” she explains.

She added that in the porn industry, so many protocols are followed before an actor or actress can participate, including conducting tests.

How the porn industry make money

The Nigerian porn actress said videos are posted on x-rated websites to generate views and per-click cost. She said videos are also sold to other x-rated websites. All these complement the amount paid for acting in a porn scene.

She called for a professional porn industry in Nigeria that would be able to compete with the international industry.

By Aderemi Ojekunle


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