Tuesday, July 3, 2018

10 people dead by flood in central Nigeria

A flood that wreaked havoc in central Nigeria has killed at least ten people, police and rescue officials said Tuesday.

The flood in Nigeria's central state of Niger followed a heavy downpour late Monday in the Kontagora area, the police said.

A local market in the area and two other communities were hard hit by the flood. So far, eight bodies have been recovered by local divers, said state police chief Dibal Yakadi.

Head of the Niger State Emergency Management Agency Ibrahim Inga said seven teenage girls were washed away by the flood in the Rafin-Gora local market.

Three other children were killed by the flood elsewhere, Inga added.

A boy was rescued Tuesday morning by a truck driver during a rescue operation.

Inga said the boy was holding tight to a tree when the truck driver saw and rescued him.

According to the emergency response official, it is difficult to ascertain the number of the dead or missing for now.

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