Tuesday, September 22, 2009

732 Nigerians in Chinese Prisons

It's been reported by Vanguard that about 732 Nigerian are in imprisoned in China for various offences. Out of the 732 Nigerians, 322 are in detention, 304 are awaiting deportation, and 106 are serving prison terms for trafficking, fraud, and robbery.

The Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Joe Keshi made these following statements during discussions between the two countries: 

" Nigerian side is expected to raise and collaborate with the Chinese, to find lasting solutions to the increasing arbitrary arrest and detention of Nigerians who have over stayed their visas in China.

"Discussion on the consular problems has become inevitable in view of increasing number of Nigerian being arrested for violating Chinese immigration laws, with available statistics that about 732 Nigerians are in various Chinese prison for various offences; 322 out of the number are in detention and another 304 are awaiting deportation, while the remaining 106 are in prison for trafficking, robbery and fraud", 

" By Chinese penal code, foreigners who overstay their visas' period, face severe penalties including arrest, detention and payment of fines before they could leave the country.

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