Thursday, September 24, 2009

Action Congress disgusted by Governor Timipre Sylva's actions on CNN

The political party Action Congress (AC), through its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has expressed its disgust on how Governor Timipre Sylva presented the Bayelsa State House to CNN's Christian Purefoy in the video up top. The Action Congress released these statements:

"Gov. Sylva, who had no inhibition in ordering a local journalist to be abducted from Abuja and whisked to Yenagoa over an alleged offensive article, was virtually genuflecting before Purefoy, virtually begging him to accept his invitation to play in his proposed 18-hole golf course! What an irony!"

"If the governor believes in such nonsensical superstition in this age and time, why has he not walked round it seven times so that his own wish for peace in the Niger Delta will come true? Or are we to assume that he has not done that because he does not wish for peace in the region?"


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  1. While I agree that Sylva, like all the other politicians are enjoying luxuries which are in vast contrast to the situation of the average citizen, I must say that the house in question is THE BAYELSA STATE GOVERNMENT HOUSE. It is not Sylva’s property, neither does he live there. It is a project originally embarked upon by the impeached Governor Alamaseigha, who spent well over 7 Billion Naira on basic layout. As Bayelsa state has invested so much on this property, it only makes sense to see it to fruition. The media is obviously biased... who knows, maybe in a bid to add fuel to the already volatile Niger Delta crisis.

  2. My friend Ebitimi, is it not wise that at this time when everybody is groaning under this " economic meltdown" our Governor be prudent and channel resources that will impact on the majority of the people? the state is virtually on a stand still in terms of infrastructural development while he tells the whole world of a white elephant project. There is no justification for such show of disrespect and disregard for the suffering people of Bayelsa State. We deserve better.