Saturday, September 12, 2009

All Nigerians to own phones by 2020

Vice President Goodluck Jonathan has announced that Nigeria will achieve 100 percent teledensity by the year 2020 which is equivalent to one telephone line per Nigerian. He made the announcement at the African Telecom Development Summit.

According to the vice president Nigeria has in the last 10 years experienced double digit growth of 20 percent per annum in telecommunications. The government has recognised there's still a long way to go in achieving universal service in the country since the current teledensity is at 48 phones per 100 people in Nigeria.

"We are therefore committed to encouraging investment growth to the sector aim at achieving 100 percent teledensity before the year 2020 in line with the nation's Vision 20 2020".

The vice president was represented by the Minister of National Planning, Shamsudden Usman who made these following statements:

"The ICT has continued to be the fascinating sector, the Internet has globalised commercial transactions, social networks, education and economic development generally. It is difficult to imaging a world without broadband internet.

"The internet has becomes the world's biggest reservoir of knowledge and is giving meaning to the description of the world as a global village. However the uses of internet has its own challenges, therefore I am happy this summit is devoting time to treat the issue of cyber security. It is important that users been save and secured by using ICT."

Daily Trust

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  1. Still not enough for a big change until all Nigerians have access to good roads, electricity, education ;then access to phones will add up.