Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nigerian Government lashes out on District 9 and demands apology from SONY Pictures


The Nigerian minister of information and communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili has expressed her utter contempt for how Nigerians were depicted in this summer's sci-fi blockbuster District 9.

In the interview up top, she calls for cinemas to stop showing District 9, demands an unconditional apology from Sony Pictures and even asks for a re-cut of the movie.

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    This corporation is a name only. It does not yet exist because I have not found a government I will trust to deal honestly with me. However I am aware of your reputation as an HONEST GOVERNMENT, and I want to offer you the chance to share in this money.

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    I hope you will action this request swiftly, for the sake of us both. I am

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  2. Is time d rest of d world start taking Nigeria as a serious minded and transperent nation because without Nigeria d world would be lacking alot, we've much more GOOD to offer than bad, Nigeria of d present is a rebranded entity and until d world at large start bieng rational with there critics about this nation they will only stand d chance of gaining a little 4rm this rich and investment opportunity filled nation called NIGERIA.

  3. I wonder why international media are bent on stereotyping images of nations based on the unrully acts of a few people from such countries. Today most people from islamic nations with their cultural dressing are viewed as terrorists, Hati was recently denegrated as a Vodoo nation, some other nations are named as cummunists and the entire Nigerian peoples viewed as scammers.
    From these generalisation i can only say that a large proportion of the international community are not at all well educated for i believe hasty generalisation is the past time of ignorant fools. Am a Nigerian based in the UK, i know where i came from, i struggled shedding my sweat and blood to escape the clutches of poverty yet I have never taken what never belongs to me, never celebrate any man who does, Nor sought accesses through the back door for anything.
    Yes there are a few ignorant ones, Yes there are a few unrully ones. But i tell you today the greater population of Nigerians are a hard working people with high values, honesty, moral standards, respect and dedication. The world can make a funny face, say the dumbest things or diss us as much as they want. we are not perfect but we know we are far better than what they think.
    Am a Nigerian and i am proud i am. I would never deny my heritage, Gloat all u want finger pointers for the joke is on u as we would lose no sleep over self righteous ill informed ignoramus. WE KNOW WHO WE ARE!