Friday, September 4, 2009

Landlord Beats Tenant to Death

Tragedy struck yesterday in Minna, Nigeria when a landlord, Mallam Isah Tsafo, beat his tenant, Mr. John James Enwerem, to death over a minor misunderstanding. Enwerem was said to have slumped and died when the landlord hit him on the chest while trying to rescue his  wife as she was being beaten and dragged on the ground by the landlord. Niger State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Richard Oguche, confirmed the story .

"There was actually an incident like that where a landlord murdered his tenant, which has been brought to the notice of the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Michael Zuokumor , by the Kpakungu Divisional Police officer , Mr. Abayomi Surajudeen," he said.

According to him, the Commissioner of Police had ordered that the case should immediately be transfered to the state CID for further investigation.

According to an eye witness, an argument was said to have ensued between the two (landlord and tenant) when the landlord raised alarm that the children of the deceased who were playing and hitting their hands on the wall in their one-room apartment could bring down the wall of the house.

Threats by the landlord to deal with the children, according to the source, drew the attention of their mother (Ngozi), who intervened and pleaded with the landlord to ignore the children , saying there was no way they can bring down the house considering their age. Ngozi's pleas however did not prevent the landlord from going further in making his threats more practical by banging on the door of the Enwerem and, in the process, tearing the curtain to their room. The tenant's wife was however said to have been angered when she discovered that the landlord had torn their curtain and therefore challenged him. The landlord was said to have pounced on the woman, beating her and dragging her on the ground. Fearing the woman may die, the wife of the landlord, Amina, was said to have intervened by pleading with her husband to leave the woman alone so that she won't die but the pleading fell on deaf ears as he continued hitting the woman.

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