Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Video - Nigerian Chinedu Harrison breaks Guiness World Record for longest distance walked with balancing a football on the head

Nigerian footballer Chinedu Harrison has broken the Guiness World Record for the farthest distance walked with a football on the head, walking a distance of 48.040 kilometers with the ball never leaving his head or touching the ground for a single moment. The previous record was 45.64 kilometers, set by an Indian soldier Naib Singh in 2014. The new record will officially enter the Guiness Book of World Records once it is ratified by the organisation. Chinedu's journey to setting the new record began nearly 46 kilometers outside of Lagos. He walked with the ball on his head through the major Lagos/Ibadan expressway before hitting the major streets of the commercial city with crowds cheering him on. He eventually reached his finish line at the national stadium in Lagos after almost ten hours of trekking.

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